You: 10 Best Guinevere Beck Quotes

The heroine of the first season of You, Guinevere Beck was no ordinary character. Unlike other female roles, she wasn’t the most virtuous or the funniest of girls, but she was fully human. She had her flaws, her moments of brilliance, as well as her own conflicts and dramas – her life was like the audience’s, until Joe decided to become obsessed with her.

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As a writer, Beck had a sense of words which was probably what attracted Joseph, and she could be very eloquent and witty when she wanted to. His best quotes might be deep, insightful, emotional, and funny.


Beck on popular books

“It’s sad. People buy books because of what’s popular, not because they want to be moved or changed in some way.

Joe standing behind Beck in the bookstore on YOU

Beck was actually quite emotional, but she didn’t wear it on her sleeve. One of the worst things Joe did was kill her, because she was full of life and her love for books was very real and deep. She read for sustenance, not to gain weight or show off.

It shocked the sweet Beck that people would read for any other reason, but she bared her soul to the wrong man who took her individuality and tried to crush her.

Beck on men in love

“For every boy disguised as a man you let into your body and your heart, you learned you didn’t have the magic that turns a beast into a prince.”

Unfortunately, Beck had had the worst luck with men, starting with her father who had abandoned her, to the partners she had chosen later in life. With men like Benji around her, she never got the affection she deserved, but she was aiming for social status.

Beck was the least dangerous character in You, but she found herself dealing with very murderous men who acted in a gallant and chivalrous manner while always having an ulterior motive and an agenda with her, which she summed up beautifully in these lines.

Beck on fishing loss

“I had this Little Mermaid sleeping bag when I was a kid, God I loved that thing. But it started to smell like mushrooms. But I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. But then I lost it. And even though I was sad, I was kind of relieved because I didn’t really need to get rid of it.

The English major could be quite verbose and poetic when describing situations, and her friendship with Peach had gone sour long ago, even before her death. She never knew about Peach’s stalker behavior, but that didn’t sit well with her.

So Beck used this allegory to describe how much of a relief it was to see Peach go (which took several tries on You with its plot holes), which made her feel a little guilty but also freed her from the responsibility of cutting off a good friend.

Beck on his love life

“I’m starting to think I’m kind of a magnet for…guys with serious issues. »

In a line that foreshadowed her sad fate at the hands of Joe, Beck admitted she had a penchant for choosing terrible men to be with. She chose emotionally available and sometimes unstable partners who didn’t understand her or meet any of her needs.

She said that line lightly, but there was an ominous ring of truth in it. Her fatherly issues obviously made it worse, and then she came across the most despicable guy of all.

Beck on his resentment for Joe

“The more you want me, the less I want you. I know it’s messed up, but it’s true. Of course you think I’m hiding shit, I am. I’m hiding what a complete mess I am, behind This cute and acceptable version of being a mess.

In another very observant moment, Beck described a common human phenomenon that people go through when one party shows too much interest and the other ends up losing it altogether. Like them, Beck also wanted his space, which Joe didn’t really give him by being the “supportive” boyfriend after Peach’s passing.

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She berated herself more than anyone, saying she was too messy and complicated to be with anyone else, and Joe’s kindness just made her hate him more.

Beck jokes about his mess

“Puke binds you.”

Beck may not have said some of the funniest quotes from You, but that didn’t mean she was completely humorless. She was self-aware enough to know that she could be less than ideal with her bad habits and lack of self-esteem, and she told Joe that they were forever bonded over the course of her life. an age-old ritual of drunken vomiting.

Joe may have saved his life then, but it wasn’t long before he played God. Beck shouldn’t have vomited with him at all.

Beck’s Last Letter

“You wrapped yourself in fairy tales like a blanket. But it was the cold you loved. Sharp shivers as you discovered the corpses of Bluebeard’s wives. Sweeter goosebumps as Prince Charming slipped a slipper of glass on your little toes. A perfect fit. But near the schoolyard, real princesses fluttered near you on the autumn winds. You saw the gulf between you and the rich girls and swore to stop to believe in fairy tales. But the stories were in you, as deep as poison.

Once Beck learned of Joe’s sick secret, she openly hated him for it. Being locked in the glass cage was torture, but Joe made it feel like a writer’s retreat, and for lack of anything better, she wrote while trapped there.

She wrote about how she was fed fairy tales about unconditional love like all little girls, but none of it could ever be real. Things like economic differences, class divisions, and human nature made sure of that, and even the nice guys were the most horrible, like Joe.

Beck on Candace

“I mean, look at her! No wonder he dreams of her. She’s got all that icy, red head, follow me to that cave Jon Snow Vibe.

Joe dreamed of Candace a lot, and Beck could hear him talking about her as she lay next to him. Out of curiosity, she looked at Joe’s ex, and she had quite a bit to say about the gingerbomb.

Beck recognized that Candace was a beautiful woman, and she naively thought the reason Joe was dreaming about her was because he wasn’t done with her. To Beck, she looked like Ygritte from game of thrones, which made this line quite funny.

Beck gives Joe a reality check

“You are not special, you are broken!” I could never love you. Rot in there, psychotic asshole! You will spend the rest of your life in prison.

For a brief moment stuck in the basement, it looked like Beck would make it out alive, much to the relief of the audience. She trapped Joe in the cage, then proceeded to tell him exactly what she thought: that she could never love him and that he was in big trouble.

Beck knew that Joe had his place in prison and that he would also have been released in time if Paco had acceded to his pleas. It was very satisfying to hear Beck tell Joe what he really was, but he was too smart for her.

Tweets from Beck

“To all of you who are chasing your dreams, don’t give up. And in the meantime, Mac N’ Cheese!

Social media was one of Joe’s weapons, and how he managed to bond with Beck, so it’s only fitting that one of Beck’s infamous tweets features in his top quotes. Many of her captions and tweets could be pretty tasteless as she battled it out on social media, and this one was perhaps the worst.

It was so bad it got good – an iconic misstep from a gifted writer who loved his pasta, it became both fortunately and sadly his most memorable statement of the show.

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