‘When I talk about bhai-bhatijawad, I don’t just mean…’: PM Modi’s 10 quotes | Latest India News

In his historic 76th Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set out the framework for India’s development over the next 25 years, which he called “panchpran” – which are also five promises that the India and every Indian will have to make a commitment. 25 years later, India will celebrate the centenary of its independence and India should make progress towards these five goals in the next 25 years, Prime Minister Modi said in his Mission 2047. PM Modi on I-Day: ‘Corruption is eating India like a termite, nepotism is a big challenge’

Here are the best quotes:

Panchprán: Prime Minister Modi has formulated 5 promises for the development of India, namely: 1. India developed: India will only aspire to grow; 2. No form of slavery; 3. Pride in our heritage; 4. Unity among 130 million Indians; 5. The duty of citizens

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Duty of PM and CM: As Prime Minister Modi laid out the five promises and explained them to the nation, Prime Minister Modi said that the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers will also have to perform their duties as citizens. Every citizen must perform their duties, PM Modi says

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No insult to women: As Prime Minister Modi spoke of unity, he emphasized gender equality and in the same breath he said that women in the country should not be insulted.

Why wait for the global certificate: India must remove every iota of slavery from its mind, Prime Minister Modi has said. “How long will we wait for the certificate of the world?” said Prime Minister Modi.

Jai Jawan, Jai Kishan, Jai Vigyan, Jai Anusandhan: Hailing India’s feat in digital innovation, Prime Minister Modi added “Jai Vigyan and Jai Anusandhan” to “Jai Jawan, slogan of Jai Kishan”. The wait for 5G is over and Digital India will now reach every village, Prime Minister Modi has said.

Cooperative, competitive, federal society: Prime Minister Modi said the need of the hour is a cooperative competitive federal society with a just federal society. States must have healthy competition among themselves.

Made in India: Speaking of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, Prime Minister Modi said that after 75 years of independence, the salute to the Indian flag was made by an Indian-made tank. “Today we heard the voice our ears have longed to hear for 75 years,” Prime Minister Modi said. “I greet children aged 5 to 7 years old. I learned that they don’t want to play with foreign-made toys. This is a reflection of Atmanirbhar Bharat,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Aspirational company: India’s strength is its ambitious society. The government will have to strive to meet the aspirations of its people, Prime Minister Modi said.

Corruption: Declaring a war on corruption from the Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi said on Monday the society would not grow.

Bhai-bhatijawad: “When I talk about bhai-bhatijawad, people think I’m talking about politics. But no, I’m not just talking about politics. Unfortunately, the bhai-bhatijawad has permeated many institutions in India which deprives eligible and talented people,” Prime Minister Modi said. Speaking on the sports sector, Prime Minister Modi said selection is only based on talent and not on ‘bhai-bhatijawad’, India’s flag is flying high.

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