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In Vikings, Ivar The Boneless is best known for his tyranny and unique military strategies. Fighting quietly is not his style either, and he has a penchant for yelling as a means of intimidating his opponents and also rallying his own men. It’s something that makes him a butt for jokes from fans of the show.

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However, Ivar doesn’t like noise and whenever he’s calm he engages in meaningful conversations. He understands that he is not loved so he never waits for others to exalt him. He chooses to do it himself, which prompted some of his best remarks. He’s also at his best conversational level when he’s brutally honest about a variety of topics.

ten “If you are intended, it doesn’t matter whether you choose or not.”

One of Hvitserk’s most shocking decisions came when he aligned himself with Ivar and King Harald as they prepared to face off against Bjorn and Lagertha. He wasn’t happy with his choice, but Ivar bluntly told him it didn’t matter because fate was always meant to bring them together.

Debate over whether events unfold because of fate or because of personal decisions is common in the series. Devout believers in Norse mythology, like Ivar and Floki, still believe actions didn’t matter because the gods had already decided. While the conversation between Ivar and Hvitserk raises an important question, no certain answer is ever given, but it says a lot about Ivar and his beliefs, nonetheless.

9 “We never really change, we just think we do.”

Hvitserk decides to befriend Ivar again in Vikings

One of the most shocking parts of the final season has been the emergence of Freydis’ lookalike Princess Katia. Ivar fell in love with her but was then forced to say goodbye in tears. Since he was normally the type to get too attached, Hvitserk thought he had changed, but Ivar disagreed.

These specific words are some of the best things Ivar has said because they strongly reflect real-life experience, for some. Ivar’s suggestion that change is nothing but a state of mind holds true for many who believe that people never really change, even if they think so. Again, that says a lot about Ivar and his belief system and what drives him to make the decisions he makes.

8 “What does the word king make even reasonable people behave like fools?” “

King Harald and Ivar return to Kattegat in Vikings season 4

Harald had an important question for Ivar as they made a pact to invade Kattegat: what exactly does he want? Ivar claimed his only goal was to avenge his mother’s death. But Harald wasn’t convinced, and he asked Ivar if being king didn’t matter to him.

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Unlike Ivar, Harald has always been frank about his ambitions. However, it is his open thirst for power that also causes others to hate, distrust, and sabotage him. A little discretion would have seen him go far. Ivar hasn’t always been known for his burns, but this rare one brought the issue to the fore even more.

7 “I wish I wasn’t so angry all the time.”

Ivar has one last conversation with Ragnar before his death in Vikings

Just before King Ecbert sanctioned what would be one of the most brutal murders in the series, he arranged for a boat to take Ivar home. Ivar insisted on dying with his father, feeling he wouldn’t represent anything anyway, because of his anger. An optimistic Ragnar reassured him that his anger was his greatest asset.

Ragnar had never said truer words. It was Ivar’s wrath that would make him a ruthless warrior on the battlefield. His anger would also make him a ruthless and feared tyrant, as he would brutally execute anyone disrespecting him. While this trait was not beneficial to those around him, it was indeed a great asset.

6 “All my brothers are against me. Now I know that I am the chosen one.”

Vikings - Ivar

Ordinary men would be afraid to learn that two of their brothers had allied against them. But Ivar was happy to hear that Hvitserk had teamed up with Bjorn. For him, that meant they saw him as a serious threat.

Ivar’s bragging moment here heightens his confidence. Speaking big and supporting was what Ivar did best, as he outsmarted Bjorn and his men in the ensuing battle, raining arrows and fire on them. Ivar’s self-praise also serves as a key moment of pride before the fall as his wife Freydis betrays him, forcing Bjorn, Harald, and Hvitserk to topple him.

5 “The gods never had children with humans.”

Freydis and Ivar formed one of the most unhealthy relationships in Vikings. She promised Ivar that she would conceive for him even if he was helpless. Skeptical, he rightly argued that this would be impossible since the gods did not mate with humans. Next step? The manipulator Freydis convinced Ivar that he was a god.

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Ivar’s blind love was once again evident here. He had the facts but his feelings of affection for Freydis made him believe that he would obtain an heir through supernatural means. The fact that he later believed that the child Freydis had with a servant was his demonstration of his occasional lack of intelligence, which would later lead to his downfall.

4 “On behalf of Ragnar Lothbrok, our country’s greatest hero and on behalf of Odin, we declare war.”

Revenge was also a certainty after Ragnar’s death. Ubbe, Ivar and Sigurd quickly assembled a large army to travel to England to make King Aelle pay and Ivar made the perfect declaration of war.

Ivar’s statement was important because it served as an assurance to viewers. Ragnar’s death had been painful. because he was at the top of the fan favorite characters list. Ivar’s words meant that those responsible would not get away with it. The statement also served as a preview of how great a military strategist Ivar would become.

3 “The gods abandoned you long ago, my brother. You have no way of winning.”

Ivar The Boneless stabs his brother Bjorn in Vikings

Bjorn would have been protected by the gods, but this was put to the test when he faced Ivar and the Rus army. Ivar stabbed him and made sure to remind him that victory was far beyond his reach.

In reality, Bjorn’s good running was actually down to his skills. But all good races come to an end and Bjorn must have died, one way or another. Nonetheless, the quote was salient as it once again underscored the fact that in the ruthless world of the Vikings, only the most brutal won, not the good ones.

2 “No one will ever forget Ivar the Boneless.”

Ivar the Boneless fights to his death in the final battle against Alfred

Like Harald, Hvitserk was also confused about Ivar’s true ambitions, so he asked him about it. Ivar was more open this time, telling Hvitserk he wanted to be taller than his father. He was sure his accomplishments would be so great that no one would forget him the same way they forgot his father.

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It’s yet another bragging moment from Ivar that ranks among his best quotes, because it shows how quickly he has moved on. He’s also an example of good character development on the show. A few years earlier, Ivar was so desperate that he wanted to die with Ragnar, but now he was keen to become a legend.

1 “Peace is a dirty word.”

Vikings - Ivar

Ubbe’s eagerness to claim the lands King Ecbert had ceded to Ragnar made him think of the idea of ​​a truce with the Saxons. Ivar rejected him because he had already defeated the Saxons in the first phase of the battle. Ubbe didn’t listen so he went to talk to Aethelwulf and Heahmund. Things turned out badly for him because he was beaten and humiliated.

Ivar’s statements, while rejecting the idea of ​​peace, carry more weight than anything he has said, as they marked the moment when the tide would turn in his favor, leading him to become sovereign. The humiliation of Ubbe and Hvitserk at the hands of Aethelwulf and Heahmund led to Ivar becoming the new leader of the Great Pagan Army and this would not have happened if Ivar had accompanied them.

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