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History Channel fans Vikings see Bjorn Ironside grow from a 12-year-old boy to one of the show’s most formidable characters. He had always aspired to become a respected man and follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a great warrior and ruler, and his dreams did come true.

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Bjorn has always lived up to his name “‘Ironside” by miraculously managing to avoid being injured or killed on multiple occasions. He outwitted the alleged assassin Berserker and survived in the frozen mountains for months, among other things. But Bjorn’s physical skills aren’t the only thing admirable about him. He can talk too.

ten “I learned from my dad that the only way to know if something is real is to sail there.”

Bjorn informs Floki of his plans to sail west to Vikings

Shortly before Ragnar returned to Kattegat after a 10-year absence, Bjorn informed Floki and his brothers of his plans to sail to the Mediterranean. He had with him a map that he had studied for years and his heart told him that good things awaited him. Floki was reluctant to come, but Bjorn assured him it would be worth it.

Among the many lessons that have been passed down from father to son, there was “go look instead of asking yourself if it is there”. While Bjorn’s trip ended up not being that pleasant, he couldn’t be faulted for his decision and, in a way, it sparked his rise to power. Ragnar himself made one of his best decisions challenging Earl Haraldson and sailing west, a decision that saw him achieve greatness.

9 “Fame will not make your little kingdom bigger.”

Bjorn insults Harald for confessing he wants Viking glory

As Ragnar and Bjorn prepared the boats for the Paris raid, one of the biggest battles in Vikings, Bjorn expressed his distrust of Harald. Bjorn went to confront him, asking him what exactly his contribution would be. Harald confessed that he came to Paris because he wanted to be famous like Ragnar. An unimpressed Bjorn wasted no time in shadowing him.

As serious as the moment was, the insult was heavy enough to make all viewers burst into laughter. It was the first in a series of scenes where Bjorn put people in their place. Lagertha’s son was intolerant of the posture and he could easily see that Harald aka Finehair was in it for all the wrong reasons.

8 “It brings misfortune and difficulty.”

Lagertha was not very happy that Ragnar had seen Aslaug and Bjorn either. He despised her because he felt she was breaking up his family and he was sort of right. Aslaug brought misfortune and hardship which ultimately led to divorce. Ragnar disagreed, telling Bjorn that life was full of misfortune.

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Alsaug’s presence did indeed complicate matters in House Lothbrok. The divisions lasted forever, with Lagertha and Aslaug never being of the same opinion. This was also the case with some of Ragnar’s sons. In an alternate scenario, Ragnar should have listened to Bjorn’s words and stopped seeing Aslaug. Sadly, listening was not one of Ragnar’s best traits.

7 “What are you so afraid of? It’s only death!”

Bjorn and Gyda watch annual Scandinavian sacrifices at Vikings

During the sacrifice ceremony, Ragnar did something that was difficult for fans to give up by offering Athelstan to be killed. The priest was disqualified because he was a Christian. Leif therefore volunteered to be sacrificed under the gaze of Ragnar and his family. Bjorn didn’t understand why his sister was flinching. For him, death was a normal event.

Bjorn’s words showed how much of a Nordic believer he had become. Since Valhalla was waiting, there was nothing to fear from dying. Death was only a portal to Nordic paradise. Bjorn’s change in attitude towards death came when he was forced to watch a suspected murderer beheaded earlier in the first season.

6 “He takes care of his family.

Ragnar teaches Bjorn about virility in Vikings

As Ragnar was preparing Bjorn to go and receive his arm ring in Kattegat and become a man, he asked him a very important question: “What does a man do?” As young as Bjorn was, he had the right answer.

Having been raised by Ragnar, Bjorn had a perfect idea of ​​what a “real man” is supposed to do. He had seen Ragnar care for and protect them every day. As a father, Ragnar had set the perfect example. By transforming into an adult, Bjorn would also follow in his footsteps.

5 “Who can guess the ways and plans of the gods? “

Bjorn sits in a cave at Vikings

It was a beautiful reunion when Lagertha and Bjorn reunited with Ragnar after years without communication. Their plan was to help him fight Jarl Borg, who was very eager to invade the Kattegat and make it his property. As sweet as the reunion was, Bjorn knew they couldn’t guess what would happen next, but they just had to believe in the gods.

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Unlike his father, Ragnar, Bjorn never wavered in his trust in the gods. He truly believed in them and in the existence of Valhalla. That’s why he said he wanted nothing more than raiding and fighting. Dying in battle would easily earn him a ticket to Nordic Heaven. During this time, he had to go through life with the belief that all would be well since Odin was in control.

4 “I am Bjorn Ironside, son of Ragnar.”

Raids are not enough. Bjorn had to explain his actions to the people when he attacked Kattegat along with Harald, Hvitserk, and King Olaf in order to overthrow Ivar. As expected, Ivar couldn’t come down quietly. He kept yelling at people, telling them that Bjorn was lying.

Although he didn’t know it, Bjorn was lying when he claimed he was Ragnar’s son. Rollo was his real father. But that was not the point. Bjorn was trying to make people understand that he deserved to be their leader because he was also Ragnar’s son like Ivar. Legacy aside, he was also a more honorable man than Ivar.

3 “There is nothing more beautiful than a mother.”

Lagertha leads the fight against Ivar and Harald

Bjorn and Lagertha have been through a lot together. There were the first days they were taken in by Ragnar to the hellish days they were mistreated by Earl Sivgard, during Lagertha’s short marriage to him. No matter what happened, Lagertha never stopped loving her son and Bjorn never stopped appreciating him. He honored her until her death.

Given their close bond, it was understandable for Bjorn to state that there was nothing more soul-nourishing than a mother. He had dated a number of women, but none really matched his mother. As a shield maiden, ruler and loving mother, she had set the bar too high.

2 “I am only your humble servant.”

By becoming King of the Kattegat, Bjorn let people know how different his role model would be. He would no longer sentence people to death but rather banish them from the kingdom. It would not outlaw freedom of speech, nor would it discourage foreigners. Most importantly, he won’t look anything like Ivar. He will serve the people, not torment them.

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Bjorn’s words were verbal authorization, a welcome relief to the people of Kattegat. Freed from tyranny, citizens were now free to do whatever they wanted. Whether or not Bjorn kept his promise to be a humble servant and a good leader is up for debate, but he was an improvement over his predecessor.

1 “Help me put on my armor one last time.”

Injured Bjorn fights one last time in Vikings

In one of the most shocking moments of Season 6, an injured Bjorn, who had been presumed dead, rode out on horseback to confront the Rus Army. At this point, a flashback scene showed Bjorn asking Gunnhild to help him put on his armor for the last time. Ivar and the Rus Warriors were shocked to see him alive, so they made sure to kill him correctly this time.

Bjorn had to be aware that there was nothing more he could do with his condition, but the moment served to showcase his resilience. This is what allowed him to become the ruler of the Kattegat in the first place. Bjorn was not a coward. He was defeated but he was not going to die lying down.

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