Upbeat Quotes Characterize Butte America | Local



– “It is to the sterile mound that the metropolis of Montana owes its name, while the primitive tools of the pioneer have given way to the hundred or more wells, stations, sleepers, sites, pumps, drills and compressors of what is recognized as the »richest hill in the world. – Anaconda Copper Mining Co., 1939

– “It was the gold diggers and then the silver hunters who founded Butte and Marcus Daly who paved the way for the development of copper mining, it was concentrators and smelters and their techniques which helped in the first years to ensure the future of the city. – Montana Standard, June 13, 1954

– “La Butte was endowed by nature with its fabulous hill. It remained for men of vision, faith and energy and boundless determination to adapt the gifts of nature to the needs of mankind. – EG Leipheimer, June 13, 1954

– “Butte loved music and it was music in its own right – a mixture of sounds made up of muffled bells and throbbing engines, steam exhaust, groaning cables, rumbling ore trains, clacking hooves, painful feet and all hissing each mine distinctly different from any other. – Montana Pay Dirt: Guide to Treasure State Mining Camps, 1963

– “I have heard of you several times. When you’re feeling bad and things aren’t going well in Washington, all you have to do is go to Butte. – Senator Robert F. Kennedy, October 25, 1966


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