Tyler, the creator releases new song and video, ‘WUSYANAME’



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Tyler the creator is a chameleon artist who reinvents himself with a new character who embodies the particular aesthetic of each album. For the last identity on his next album, Call me if you get lost, Tyler adopts the surname Baudelaire, probably after the 19th century French poet of the same name or the Baudelaire family of Lemony Snicket’s A series of unfortunate events. The name appears on the fictitious ID on the album cover and is the only text in his Twitter bio, although we cannot be sure of his intentions until the album’s release.

With the announcement of his new album came a teaser video and his first single “LUMBERJACK”, and he teased other snippets and artwork on his social media to increase anticipation.

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Today he released “WUSYANAME”, another single accompanied by a self-made video before the album’s release this Friday June 25th. It portrays the rapper and producer driving through a town where he spots a girl who instantly loves him. He tries to introduce himself and fantasizes about his life with her as she continues to walk, ignoring his advances before the video abruptly stops and the Logo “Call me if you get lost” appears as her jingle plays, just like in other videos posted for the album.

Watch the video below.

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