Turning Red: Miriam’s 10 Best Quotes

Pixar’s latest movie turn red is the latest in a long line of successes for the animation studio. The film’s central characters, 13-year-old Mei and her group of friends, are a lively bunch with an engaging and relatable relationship that makes all of their shared-screen time a treat.

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Chief among them is Miriam, Mei’s cool friend who wears flannel. With a positive attitude and a clear love for Mei, Miriam is a highlight of the film. While turn red doesn’t have as many line-punching setups as other Pixar films, the fast-paced group dialogue still allows for fun quotes throughout, as well as poignant moments as Mei’s friends help her through a tough time of his life.


The best intro

“So ready.”

The girls in the school hallway in Turning Red

The very first thing viewers hear from Miriam is a pitch-setting introduction. During Mei’s voice-over introduction to her life and much of the film’s cast, she introduces “Best Friends”, Mei’s friends AKA Miriam, Priya and Abby, the gang who are responsible for some of turn redthe most comforting moments of friendship.

Each of the girl’s lines reflects the attitudes they have throughout the film. Right from the start, Miriam is headstrong and ready to support Mei with whatever she needs, when she needs it, as shown in this answer to Mei’s question “ready to change the world?” Many of Miriam’s best lines in film can be attributed to this enthusiasm and friendship and the film does a great job of setting it up immediately.

Dedicated fandom

“4* City Forever!”

* 4 Town in Turning Red

One of the funniest and most realistic elements of the movie is the girl’s devotion to the boy group “4*Town”. Considering the show is set in the Y2K era of boy band dominance, it’s no surprise that the characters have their favorite band, know all about all the members, and feverishly track their every move.

Their dedication is so important to the girl’s friendship that they all basically use “4*Town Forever!” as a code word and as a celebration throughout the film. Friendship being such an important theme throughout turn red it seems like it was a deliberate choice to reinforce how supportive the girls are of each other as a group.

Always have Mei’s back

“What’s on your face?”

Girls in gym class in Turning Red

Miriam is one of turn redthe most likable characters because of quotes like this. A classic middle school joke is thrown back at a random student who dares to ask what’s going on with Mei. It turns out she’s in the middle of a tirade of embarrassment that will only get worse when she realizes her mother is spying on her from the school window.

However, before it even gets to that point, Miriam is already defending Mei during a particular math class that ends with some pretty memorable results.

Don’t Deal With Tyler

“Literally go!”

Another point where Miriam defends Mei is after Mei’s mother finds her notebook and creates a whole scene at the local convenience store. It’s clearly something that worries Mei when she goes to school the next day and it’s all made worse by Tyler, who witnessed the event and posts his drawing on lockers and doors all around the school.

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Obviously, things aren’t going well with Mei or any of her friends, and the confrontation they have started with this strong statement of intent from Miriam. Throughout the film, viewers see many moments where Mei acts very assertive, but when needed, Miriam and company are always there to support her.

Looking for Mei

” Are you sure you’re alright ? »

turn red notice

It’s not something Miriam actually says, but something she writes on a note to Mei. The classic elementary school trope of skipping grades because you can’t speak in class comes up during a math lesson. Although they are side by side, the two find themselves passing notes.

When Mei has to run away from her friends to hide her big red cock, Miriam follows her and, like any good friend, makes sure she’s okay. It’s one of the film’s most subtly touching scenes that deploys a childish misspelling and charm drawn in the hearts to elevate the interaction. More than anyone else in the movie, Miriam watches over Mei no matter what. Even though she doesn’t quite understand what Mei is going through at this point, she is still committed to being the best friend she can be.

The consequences of the red panda

“We thought you DIED of embarrassment!” »

Turning red deserved a theatrical release

Miriam doesn’t always say the right thing, leading to some funny moments in turn red. After Mei’s mother shows up at school and fights with school security, she is so embarrassed that she transforms into a red panda again and has to run all over town in an attempt to save herself. escape and go home.

Later, when her friends show up at the window, Miriam delivers this quote which certainly has good intentions but with the cadence with which she says it, it doesn’t make Mei feel any better. Either way, Mei understands and eventually reveals her secret to her friends, who in turn help her control it.

The acceptance of friends

“We love you girl no matter what. Panda or no panda”

Getting Red Meilin Priya Miriam and Abby

There have been many movies featuring people turning into animals, and at first Mei is understandably nervous about showing her friends her red panda – after all, everything they do screams the first. time they see it. But they quickly dispelled his concerns by assuring him that they would always accept him no matter what.

Not only does she gain their acceptance, but her friends also manage to help her master her panda transformations. It’s one of the cutest moments in the whole movie and it sets up most of the plot in the second half when the girls all decide to try and use it to their advantage. With friendship being such a strong theme in the film, this scene is clearly one of its most impactful, with Miriam’s line being one of the best quotes from turn redserving as a direct thematic statement of intent.

Busy thinking about the boys

“Hang a sister!”

One of the themes of the film, aside from family, friends and growing up, is that of boys. The film’s main female cast spends a good chunk of the film drooling over famous boys, boys from their school, and at the start of the film, one particular boy who works at a local convenience store.

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When it’s that the boy has had his hair cut by the mother of one of the friends, Abby, the girls get a little obsessive, thinking how sweet it is and even going so far as to ask him about their sneak in. This is a significant moment in the film as one of the first plot devices the film uses to show how male-dominated their thoughts are.

Speaking of boys

“Take a break and help me appreciate some boys.”

Turning Red Movie Pixar

Later in the film, despite everything that has changed, girls are still obsessed with boys. Instead of making red panda-themed keychains to try and raise money for concert tickets, the girls instead decide to use their time to scan the athletic field from the bleachers to gossip about some of their classmates.

It shows that no matter how unusual their situation is, they are ultimately just down-to-earth 13-year-olds and Miriam isn’t afraid to show it. The whole scene gets funnier when expectations are subverted directly afterwards, as the girls have to interact with the only boy in school they don’t really like.

What does Jesse look like

“Milk chocolate and wet pebbles!”

Mei and the Rooftop Girls in Turning Red

This is definitely Miriam’s funniest quote in the whole movie. Growing up is probably the most important theme of become red, and that heartwarming moment with friends, like almost everything in the movie, ultimately goes to boy band 4*Town.

When the girls think they’re about to head off to a life-changing concert, their minds begin to wander, including a hilarious reflection on what one of the members might be feeling. This line from Miriam comes completely out of nowhere and is downright hilarious, but it’s made even funnier by how flippantly and quickly the rest of the girls accept it and even double down on it.

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