Top 20 living room trends for 2022 – including open plan rather than ‘comfortable’

Three-room suites and drinks carts are out of style — replaced by real wood floors and wall-mounted TVs

Real wood floors and wall-mounted TVs are among the top living room trends for 2022

Three-piece suites, beverage carts and inspirational wall quotes no longer feature in the country’s most stylish living rooms – and have been replaced by corner sofas, durable furniture and smart technology.

A survey of 2,000 adults has identified what Brits think are the top 20 living room trends of 2022 – which include real wood floors, wood-burning stoves, statement rugs, luxury candles and ceramic plants. jar.

The British also voted the ‘comfortable’ style living room as old-fashioned and would prefer to opt for an open-plan space.

And while 44% of Brits think their living room is trendy, many want to keep updating their space – with a new sofa, flooring and a lick of paint among the most desired changes they’d like to bring.

The country living room trends study was commissioned by Sky Glass, Sky’s new streaming TV service, which has been designed to reflect people’s home entertainment needs.

He also revealed the country’s living room priorities, including creating a space to relax and a place to curl up and watch a movie.

And the perfect TV setup should be free from common frustrations, such as messy wiring, lack of power outlets, and pet hair.

Using the results of the study, Sky has created a 3D rendering of what the average living room in Britain looks like today, transforming into an inspirational space based on the latest trends and what people expect the more of their living space.

Interior design guru Sophie Robinson said: “We are spending far more time in our living rooms than ever before, and this study shows that many people need their space to be multi-functional – a place to work, relax and also do their home workouts.

“However, you don’t need to have a complete overhaul to update your living room to make it more practical and stylish.

“Small changes with colorful accessories, streamlined technology and hidden storage can make a big difference.”

The study also revealed that many respondents are adding more affordable touches to their living room.

A quarter (24%) have spent £200 or less on updating their living room in the last two years, including new photos, plants and adding pops of color through cushions and vases.

When it comes to finding inspiration for interior design, adults are more likely to look to the homes of family and friends, then browse stores and watch television programs on the interior design.

However, social media also has a huge role to play, with exactly half of respondents taking inspiration from platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.

Scenery such as Footstools and Beverage Carts are now deprecated



Almost a third (31%) admitted that their living room lacked a trendy vibe because they preferred to opt for a more traditional look.

And one in five people surveyed, via OnePoll, said they simply couldn’t agree with the person they lived with about what was considered stylish.

When it comes to color choices, while gray and white are still popular color themes for a living space, high-impact shades such as dark green and navy blue are also on the rise.

However, one in four (24%) are playing it safe, with beige and cream color themes throughout their living room.

Home tech is also an essential part of the living room setup, with almost half of Britons (46%) having four or more tech products in their living room.

Smart speakers are at the forefront of trends, closely followed by a wall-mounted TV.

Anthony Davies, Group Design Director at Sky, added: “We don’t think people should have to compromise on style when it comes to their technology.

“When we created Sky Glass, our goal was to combine beautiful design with cutting-edge technology and incredible entertainment.”


  1. Smart speakers (63%)
  2. Sustainable furniture (61%)
  3. Real wood parquet (60%)
  4. TV on the wall (60%)
  5. Open concept living room (57%)
  6. Luxury candles (57%)
  7. Throws (53%)
  8. Potted plants (52%)
  9. Log Burner (51%)
  10. Blinds (51%)
  11. Table lamps (50%)
  12. Hearth (50%)
  13. Family photo frames (48%)
  14. Trendy rugs (48%)
  15. Corner sofas (47%)
  16. Wall prints (46%)
  17. Large mirror on the wall (45%)
  18. Floating shelves (43%)
  19. Curtains (43%)
  20. Shutters (42%)


  1. Placemats (64%)
  2. Velvet furniture (53%)
  3. Shaggy rug (52%)
  4. Poufs (52%)
  5. Beverage cart (51%)
  6. Gas fireplaces (51%)
  7. Floral print wallpaper (50%)
  8. Showcases (49%)
  9. Neon sign (49%)
  10. Paneling (48%)
  11. Nesting tables (48%)
  12. Mirrored furniture (48%)
  13. Chandeliers (47%)
  14. Fejkas (46%)
  15. A buffet (45%)
  16. Inspirational quotes (45%)
  17. Ottoman/footstool (42%)
  18. Colored glass (42%)
  19. Three-room suites (40%)
  20. Day bed (40%)

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