This digital camera for globetrotters emphasizes minimalism and ease



Henry Smallbone’s FLANEUR digital camera distorts the general notion of what a smart camera looks like and how it’s going to be used. The unique design and functionality is the USP of its creation, and I absolutely love the idea!

Taking things slowly is associated with being wise – just like a turtle. The FLANEUR digital camera is the result of this very philosophy of slowing down and being considerate in the digital world. Much like the turtle, the camera motivates the user not to go crazy clicking on photos (just because it could be done), but to take a slower approach to all aspects of daily life. The camera stores 37 photos in its memory for this purpose, which makes the user aware of the limited number of clicks they have.

In fact, “Flaneur” in French means a person who is a stroller. This term was used in 19e century by the French poet Charles Baudelaire to designate an observer of modern urban life. Now that has made sense for someone who walks around observing things keenly. The design of the camera is inspired by this notion – hence the very colorful and relaxed form factor that one can carry. Henry gives the accessory a bold aluminum case design with large buttons and dials, inviting the curiosity of onlookers.

The smart camera has a powerful performance quotient – thanks to the closed lens cross section that hides from view in a series of plastic housings that move independently. Depending on the photo taken, the lenses can be swapped with the push of a button. A telephoto lens for taking a portrait photo or a wide lens for photographing panoramic landscapes on an evening bathed in golden sun.

The viewfinder can be rotated 180 degrees for portraits or 90 degrees for wide shots without moving the camera instead. Functionality is also kept to a bare minimum so you can focus on capturing memories. Flash intensity is controlled via the large dial, while position switches provide the ability to switch between colorful or monochrome photos or videos.

Designer: Henry Smallbone

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