This 19-year-old decided to launch a digital media platform to harness the power of opinions



Nakshatra Sanjai, 19, believed in the power of social media, but wondered how to use it “to its full potential.”

“If used correctly, the digital space can have a huge positive impact. Opinions seem to be the main drivers of change in today’s world, and noo-gah !, the first gamified opinion aggregation platform, aims to galvanize the opinions of ordinary people, ”says Nakshatra.

The platform aims to be a unified podium where everyone can come and express their opinion, ushering in change – opinion by opinion.

“We have been fortunate to enter a world populated by many social media platforms. But, most of the time, they accept and distribute general content. Noo-gah! primarily focuses on the power of opinions – this is our USP. We also plan to redefine the social media experience by using two-minute micro-videos as a motto, as well as social badges as powerful motivators, ”Nakshatra said.

Nakshatra Sanjai

Inspiration and idea

The idea was the result of a 22-year loyalty program run by Nakshatra’s father, Sanjai Velayudhan, with global brands. This mainly included global airlines, high-end hotel brands, retail giants, etc. He has always been a proponent of dialogue between brands and end consumers.

“He is also a pioneer in integrating gamification into marketing programs. As the outlines began to take shape, I realized the potential impact this could have on the collective dynamics of the social psyche. We have done a lot of informal and formal research, surveys, etc. before finalizing the functionalities of Noo gah! The app was only launched for a few months, so it would be premature to measure the impact at this point, ”says Nakshatra.

The core team includes Sanjai, Nakshatra and his mother Latha sanjai.

How it works?

Opinion Aggregator enables transparent sharing of opinions, thoughts and ideas, helping to start a speech with a global audience. Available for Android and iOS users, the app includes innovative gamification elements and loyalty rewards.

You must register to become a member (earn 25 GEMs upon registration), and depending on the languages ​​and categories chosen, opinion-driven content will fill the trending page. People can participate in existing surveys and earn GEMs (results are displayed after participation).

The videos can be saved in the app or downloaded from the gallery and you can also accumulate GEMs for this. Depending on the level of commitment on each position, we can go to levels (1-5). You can also invite friends to join the app which will earn you bonus GEMs.

“There is a business rules table that gives members additional GEMs for certain predefined activities. Finally, we’ll introduce a Trade Catalog, where you can trade in your accumulated Noo-gah GEMs! is based on member engagement, gamification and loyalty, ”says Nakshatra.

Nooh-Gah! is able to plan and execute participatory videos and digital marketing materials, which include posters, videos, etc. “, says Nakshatra.

“A product like this, with complex integration, definitely takes 8-10 months, including UAT. Depending on the prime-ness, this can certainly cost between Rs 30-40 lakh. This does not include running costs, such as server management et al. This will also include legal fees and other compliance costs. Marketing and branding, to be effective, can cost you between Rs 75 lakh and Rs 1.5 crore per year, ”she says.

Currently, in the pre-income stages, the team is looking at different income models. Nooh-gah! competes with Moments and other digital agencies.

Market and future projects

Even as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are entrenched in the social media ecosystem, the market for new social apps is growing. A 2019 report from the Pew Research Center indicates that 72% of adults in the United States use some form of social media.

The caveat: Several incidents of data and privacy breaches, most notably following the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. There is also a growing base of social media apps focused on more intimate groups and audiences. Examples include audio-focused social platforms such as Clubhouse and Discord which have become popular over the past year. The opportunity of nooh-gah! is wide.

“We are looking forward to growing steadily. Noo-gah! is available in India and the Middle East. After six months, we plan to enter other PAC Asia countries, then Europe, USA, etc. We are also looking forward to having development centers in Bangalore, Cochin and Trivandrum. We look forward to having regional offices in major cities around the world, ”Nakshatra said.

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Edited by Teja Lele Desai


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