The Vampire Diaries: The 8 Best Catchphrases

With a legacy of 13 years behind her, The Vampire Diaries the universe has only grown in popularity. Fans know each character deeply and all have distinct personalities. These traits very often translated into their speech, so much so that RST diehards now know what to expect from some of their favorite characters before they’ve even said it.

That’s why players like Bonnie, Damon, Stefan, Klaus and Caroline have had slogans that have become their signature. These are lines and phrases that have become synonymous with their characters, and fans had moments of familiarity each time they heard them. Some of them stood out during The Vampire Diaries.


Bonnie Bennett

Spells “Phasmatos”


Bonnie was extremely powerful, so much so that people sometimes took her for a villain. Her magic was strong and she collected other types of powers during her tenure on the show. Her most common and effective spells were those she spoke in mixed Latin, and they usually started with the word “Phasmatos”.

Fans instantly associate the word with the witch Bennett, and hearing her say it after a long time in season 8 was exciting enough for The Vampire Diaries pure and hard. “Phasmatos Incendia” was his favorite fire spell to cast.

Damon Salvatore

“Hi brother.”

Damon grabs Stefan by the throat in Vampire Diaries

Few others The Vampire Diaries the quotes are as memorable as the one Damon likes to say to his little brother Stefan. What started as a sarcastic way to address Stefan and remind him of the great threat that Damon posed, turned into a phrase of affection between the two.

Damon and Stefan shared a rocky relationship that blossomed into one of unbridled love and trust. This quote was one of Damon’s favorites, and he used it to remind the other Salvatore of his presence. In fact, Damon seemed aware it was a signature because he changed it to “Hello, Mother”, when he met Lily as a vampire.

Klaus and the Mikaelsons

“Forever and ever.”

This simple phrase is sentimental in nature, but literally meant when Klaus and his Mikaelson siblings said so. They were immortal, incredibly strong and almost invincible in vampire diaries, and they were together, related by blood.

The original vampires had been created to keep them together for eternity, and together they had promised each other that they would support each other for the infinite time they would spend on the planet. They said that to remind themselves that they were family, especially when Klaus was doing something to betray or upset them.

Enzo Saint-Jean

“Hello Beautiful.”

He lived a tragic human life, then was caught by Augustine as a vampire, after which Enzo met a fateful end at the hands of his best friend’s brother just before he became human and lived with Bonnie. He didn’t have too much going for him, but his charm was something everyone loved about him.

Calling people gorgeous was very typical of Enzo, and addressing them with the term of endearment attached was his habit. Even Caroline and Bonnie couldn’t resist his charms, and hearing that phrase always meant the conflicted vampire was nearby.

Elijah Mikaelson

“You have my word.”

Noble and well-meaning, Elijah was a deadly original vampire who loved to keep his promises. He could be deadly with his impervious body, quick reflexes, and advanced attack moves, but once someone had Elijah’s wise word, he would do very little to change his promise.

Elijah gave his word to several people as he made and broke covenants to save his family. This phrase has become a mainstay in RST every time he was there because he had to make a wish to someone or the other so that people would trust him.

Stephane Salvatore

“That was epic””I felt epic”

Stephane in "bad moon rising" episode of The Vampire Diaries

Young Salvatore was prone to self-blame, shame and fight most of the time, but when he felt happy he would probably describe it as a feeling or an epic. For someone over a century and a few decades older, the language was quite modern, but Stefan was still good at playing the role of a younger man.

Stefan had euphorically described his relationship with Elena as epic, then also said that his goodbye to Elena was as beautiful as it was because he felt the same way. The phrase was something unique to Stefan.

Elena Gilbert

“I like you.”


Elder Gilbert was a woman built for love. She had an enormous capacity for affection for those who were close to her, and also for people she did not know. All The Vampire Diaries revolved around her fight between Damon and Stefan, and when she was with both of them, she often told them how much she loved them.

Her way of consoling and encouraging people was to tell them that she was there for them and that she still loved them fiercely and sincerely, which made this phrase her most said.

Klaus Mikaelson

“Good morning love!”

Klaus holding Caroline by the shoulders in The Originals.

Klaus was another character who had a charming personality and a signature quote that started with “Hello”. Klaus liked to suffix his greetings and statements with “love”, especially with women who couldn’t resist his magnetism and aura.

He was dramatic and liked to make an entrance, especially around Caroline. He announced his arrival this way, and depending on who he was talking to, those two words could instill fear or longing in people’s hearts for him.

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