The True Meaning of “Sir Baudelaire” by Tyler, The Creator Ft. DJ Drama



Throughout his career, Tyler, the creator has assumed many alter egos. From Ace, the creator to Wolf Haley, the California-born rapper is known for going beyond just one identity. With the June release of “Call Me If You Get Lost”, Tyler released a new gadget – Sir / Tyler Baudelaire. A direct reference to the sophisticated French poet Charles Baudelaire, Tyler Baudelaire is one of the world’s travelers – noted by his Twitter location (“somewhere in Geneva, small boat”) and the album cover, which includes Baudelaire’s passport.

“Sir Baudelaire” advances the tradition behind Tyler’s voyages to the world. After some back and forth between Tyler and the legendary producer DJ Drama, the rapper declares: “Cookie crumbs in the Rolls, vest scented with jet fuel / Swimsuit in the trunk, Geneva water is the best / The passport looks thick, afro needs a pickaxe “(via Genie). Here we see the fortune the rapper amassed over the course of his career – riding in a Rolls Royce, touring Switzerland and fattening his passport trips. It’s certainly a far cry from his Odd Future days, but have no qualms about it, Tyler doesn’t come across as a swagger or pretentious. He just says it as it is.

Alright, maybe he is a little boastful. “Lake water, dry at Roland Garros / I rub it on these niggas faces like heavy lotion,” Tyler later raps. We appreciate honesty, Sir Baudelaire.


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