The anti-anxiety hoodie has built-in features to keep you calm

Custom clothing company, Banana Moon, has launched the world’s first anti-anxiety hoodie, specifically designed to help people manage and cope with common anxiety symptoms. With UK searches for ‘work anxiety’ up 21% year-on-year and 54% of the UK population admitting they often feel anxious about life, Banana Moon was keen to help people deal with the growing epidemic of anxiety.

Combining the benefits of sensory tools used in occupational therapy with relaxation techniques recommended by psychologists, Banana Moon has designed a functional and therapeutic hoodie with soothing features. To see if this anti-anxiety hoodie worked, Banana Moon took 35 office workers and asked them to wear it for five minutes.

The team then measured the heart rate and blood pressure of the volunteers at rest, five minutes after wearing the hoodie. They found that, on average, people’s systolic blood pressure was reduced by 7% (122 to 113) and heart rate by 12% after using the hoodie’s anti-anxiety features.

Diastolic blood pressure remained the same. According to Harvard Health, most studies show a greater risk of stroke and heart disease linked to higher systolic pressures compared to high diastolic pressures. The group’s mean blood pressure before the test was in the pre-high range, and after the test the group’s mean moved into the healthy blood pressure zone.

Features include:

· Weighted pockets – The pressure of weighted clothing and blankets can help your autonomic nervous system switch from “flight or fight mode” to “rest” mode, reducing common symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate and rapid breathing .

· fidget popper – Fidget toys can have a calming effect on people with anxiety or sensory issues. Keeping their hands busy can help redirect anxious behaviors and help them stay focused.

· Tactile bubble textured sleeves – Research into the sensory benefits of textiles for emotional well-being discovered by touching different textures may be a tool for relieving anxiety.

· Block Print Breath Loop Patch – Using breathing loops to practice slow, deep breathing has been proven to help lower your heart rate and overall blood pressure. The block print loop patch provides an additional sensory tool to ground your focus.

· Chewing rockers – Research on chewing gum has revealed the action of chewing in relieving perceptions of stress in both stressed and non-stressed individuals.

· Palm Cooling Pad – Sweaty palms are a classic symptom of anxiety. Putting your hands on these printed rugs offers a pleasant feeling of freshness.

· Motivational quote – Motivational quotes can help put fears into perspective, control overthinking and promote balanced thinking, alleviating anxious thoughts or worries. According to Jonathan Fader PhD, certain quotes can have a powerful effect on individuals and help change their perspective.

· soothing colors – The colors of the hoodie have been specifically chosen in natural and organic tones to facilitate visual meditation and promote feelings of positive well-being.

· Ecological design – Made with organic cotton, ethically sourced materials, and biodegradable dyes, the eco-friendly design promotes positive thought processes and feel-good vibes.

The anti-anxiety hoodie is available to order here, with prices starting at £35, depending on the level of customization required.

Banana Moon General Manager Alex Grace said, “We know that a hoodie alone isn’t going to cure or fix the root cause of our anxiety issues, but it can help us become more aware during periods of anxiety, allowing us to manage or relieve common anxiety symptoms.

“A staggering 52% of people in the UK are not comfortable taking time off for mental health reasons (YouGov). We hope our hoodies will help raise awareness of the prevalence of anxiety in the workplace and what employers can do to help those who are suffering by creating a physical reminder that it is okay for you and your employees to take time out for your mental well-being.

Alex continued: “While we originally designed these hoodies for office workers, we’re confident they would be equally useful for anyone with anxiety symptoms. However, it is important to note that anyone suffering from anxiety should seek help from a medical professional.

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