The 10 Deepest Star Trek Quotes, According To Reddit

After half a century of adventures aboard the USS Businessits multi-generational crews, other starships and outposts across the galaxy, star trek has produced plenty of thought-provoking material to inspire its fans to think about the real world’s most important issues through a sci-fi lens. With Season 4 of Discovery of Star Trek ending recently, now seems like a good time to revisit the franchise’s most poignant quotes.

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Franchise enthusiasts on Reddit identified several prophetic examples on a stream written by u/dgl6y7 which are worthy of study. Respondents agree that some of the best examples were spoken in Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, a few others stand out from the original 1960s series, its films, and its spinoffs.

ten Scotty’s Unexpected Insight

“As you always say, if something is important, you take the time.” -Scotty

James T. Kirk’s trusted former chief engineer Montgomery Scott has responded to his captain’s inquiry into how their friend Hikaru Sulu managed to raise a family while serving in Starfleet and how his daughter Demora took over as head of Enterprise-B in Star Trek Generations.

An observer on Reddit, hobulargobulizerenjoyed the overall sentiment in Scotty’s response to Kirk’s bewilderment stating, “I think of that quote as a way to remind myself not to lose sight of the important things.”

9 The benefits of aging

“There are many parts of my youth that I am not proud of.” – Picardy

Captain Picard and Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Reflecting on the events he relived through one of Q’s interventions, Captain Picard tells Commander Riker the details of his days at the academy where he was a womanizer, gambler, and fighter. And on one occasion, he was nearly stabbed to death, saved only by an artificial heart.

Picard realized at the end of “Tapestry” that events based on his choices may not have been optimal. However, they shaped his character in ways he hadn’t yet realized. VermiciousKnnid to identify myself “as someone who struggled with a lot of repressed pain and acted out in my youth, that moment was (and remains) huge for me”.


8 understand love

“Every time you feel love, it will be different.” -Guinan

Star Trek Guinan talks to Picard

Wesley Crusher’s heart had been broken by a young princess escorted to her wedding as part of an arranged marriage in the GNT episode “The Dolphin”. Guinan, the ship’s bartender, offered these words of comfort, stemming from his own experiences of grief.

Editor Gerbil23 found comfort in a “surprise and heartbreaking separation” when they encountered this exchange between the young teenager and the ship’s oracle “which helped a lot”, to ease their personal anguish.

7 Spock and Kirk’s lifelong friendship

“I have been and always will be your friend.” -Spock

Spock welcomes Kirk to Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

The shared bond between Vulcan’s James T. Kirk and Spock, as friends versus officers of the Starship Enterprise, is beautifully summed up by this note spoken by a resurrected Spock following the mission to save his life in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

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For Effect_past_8256this statement perfectly defines the premise of star treka relationship between a human and an alien, “the beauty that is the friendship and brotherly bond between them, forged over countless adventures and heartbreaks”.

6 Data Understand what it means to be human

“The act hurt you and saved me. I won’t forget it.” – Data

Dr. Bruce Maddox of Starfleet Science Division wanted Data to voluntarily submit to his research into the advancement of his race of androids. Following his refusal, Riker is appointed reluctant prosecutor and Picard defends his rights during a hearing.

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Editor carthon found the climax of “The Measure of a Man” deep enough because Riker felt unworthy of Data’s victory celebration until his artificial friend praised him “for enduring the torture of pursuing the one of his teammates who actually saved him”.

5 Picard’s inner strength

“There are four lights!” – Picardy

Madred Cardassian in Star Trek Next Generation

After days of sleep deprivation, truth serum and verbal interrogations, Captain Picard’s Cardassian captor to TNG’s “Chain of Command”, insisted that he agreed that there were five lights shining in his office when in fact there were only four. Picard did not comply.

When the captain does not surrender and is released, gave Redditor Cultural-Ocelot-3692 reason to rejoice. “I love how he owns and regains his dignity throughout his ordeal,” they wrote, commenting on Picard’s ability to forgive without forgetting.

4 thinking about time

“It’s not linear.” -Benjamin Sisko

Jennifer and Ben Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Through a Bajoran prophet bearing the likeness of his late wife, Deep Space Nine Commander Benjamin Sisko realizes during flashbacks in the pilot series “Emissary”, one of the Deep Space Nine’s best episodes, that his love for her was so strong that he wouldn’t allow his subconscious to accept her death at the Battle of Wolf 359.

Editor khaotic neutral zone felt vindicated after years of battling PTSD when they watched Sisko become “frustrated with himself because he keeps coming back to that horrible memory and he can’t stop it,” giving them the freedom to classify their “real and valid experiences”.

3 Keep the crew on track

“The first duty of every Starfleet officer is the truth.” – Picardy

When Wesley Crusher fails to admit his guilt in the tragic death of an academy classmate during a standard flight drill gone wrong, Picard hits him with an unforgettable lecture on the expected standards of… a career Starfleet officer.

Editor addctd2badideas wholeheartedly agrees with Picard’s beliefs adopting them to further their practice of “dedication to intellectual and emotional honesty, even if I don’t necessarily nail it every time”.

2 The excitement of exploration

“The unknown does not exist – only things temporarily hidden, temporarily misunderstood.” -Kirk

Kirk on the Bridge - Star Trek

While a maverick in many situations as captain of the Enterprise, Kirk knew when to project strength and confidence to his crew of 430 during The original series episode “The Corbomite Maneuver” while the ship was at the mercy of Balok, a faceless alien voice coming from a giant yellow circular vessel.

Kirk’s observational wisdom hit Redditor TheHudgepudge as curious and increased their enthusiasm for the unknown by paraphrasing that “questions help bring the unknown to light. And there’s always more to learn, so there’s always more questions to ask.”

1 Understand that you can’t always win

“It’s possible to make no mistakes and still lose.” – Picardy

During a wargames exercise in the TNG episode “Peak Performance”, Data is flabbergasted when defeated by a humanoid opponent in a strategy game. His loss makes him doubt his ability to serve as the first officer for the exercise until Picard reminds him that he is not perfect.

The most profound quote in all of Trek to date is an unexpected analysis given by a human to an artificial life form about its infallibility is relatable, according to Redditor sunrae3584 believing “it’s something to remember when I start scolding myself.”

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