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Sony’s Spider-Man universe has so far relied more on the cinematic quality of delivering great action sets than anything else, but Venom: let there be carnage also contains a lot of good dialogue. Tom Hardy’s second outing as the main character was a fast-paced movie that saw him take on Cletus Kasady and the Carnage symbiote.

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The sequel brought back Anne, Ms. Chen, and Dr. Dan, as well as newcomers to Mulligan and Shriek. The main and supporting characters all had great lines, ranging from funny to heartwarming.

ten “They can’t take you away from me. You are my only light!”

Cletus Kasady looks angry in Venom 2

The opening of the film depicts the separation of lovers Cletus Kasady and Shriek in their youth, who were broken up to be taken away. Cletus shouted out this quote upon hearing of Shriek’s departure, which was a way for the film to establish his character.

Cletus later revealed that he was abused by his mother and grandmother as a child, meaning that Shriek was the only person who had ever loved him and loved him in return. It even gave a murderer like Cletus a sympathetic quality.

9 “I’m going to make you cry now, Eddie. She’s going to love it! Cry!”

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and Michelle Williams as Anne in Venom 2

Venom was too arrogant with Eddie and embarrassed him in public by manipulating his body. Upon learning that Anne was engaged to Dr. Dan, an angry Venom tried to force Eddie to beg Anne to take him back.

To that end, he tried to make Eddie cry and told him he would make her do it. Not only was Venom’s attempt to do so hilarious, he went so far as to tell Eddie what he was about to do was funny in itself. It was as if Venom had seen too many romantic comedies and thought winning a woman’s heart was that easy.

8 “You broke Eddie’s heart, do you want to break Venom’s heart too?”

Ms. Chen folds her hands in her store in Venom 2

“What was that?” seeing the symbiote was one of the most memorable quotes of 2018 Venom, and she was shown in secrecy by this film. Ms. Chen has proven to be extremely loyal to Eddie and Venom.

When Anne arrived to ask for Ms. Chen’s help in locating the protagonists, Ms. Chen treated her coldly by asking if she was planning to break their hearts further. Although Ms. Chen had the wrong idea, it was heartwarming to hear her be so considerate about Eddie and Venom’s feelings.

7 “What do they say about an eye for an eye? “

Scream and Carnage in Venom 2

Shriek hasn’t had as much character development as she could have, her role focused on Cletus’ need to find her. Her personal bow was to take revenge on Mulligan for gouging out an eye, which ended when she finally got her hands on him in the climax.

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A moment like this wouldn’t have been complete without a single line, and that quote is what she said when Shriek landed his shot on Mulligan. It came across as a comic book moment, as the villains in the source material tend to joke about their intentions, and Shriek’s words were perfectly appropriate.

6 “Eddie, I’m sorry. I can’t mend the heart.”

The bond between Eddie and Venom is well known to comic book fans, and this movie suited it perfectly. While Venom was a real pain for Eddie with his brain-eating intentions, he had a compassionate side when it came to Eddie’s grief after losing Anne.

After Eddie rode his bike without worrying about injuring himself from Venom’s regenerative powers, the latter consoled Eddie by telling him that he knew what was really bothering him. Venom even apologized for not having the ability to heal Eddie’s heart, which he would have done if he could.

5 “I need to be free, Eddie.

Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage Venom during a rave

Eddie took Venom’s constant hunger as a selfish symbiote and approached him multiple times. Venom seemed to act like a kid for the most part until he really told Eddie what the real problem was for him.

Venom claimed he wanted freedom and acceptance, which he couldn’t get by being trapped in Eddie’s apartment and hidden in Eddie’s body. It was a rare moment of vulnerability for the symbiote that should make viewers feel for him.

4 “Responsibility is for the mediocre.”

Venom clings to a building in Venom 2

The post-credits scene provided a good example of why Venom is considered Spider-Man’s greatest enemy, but he indirectly shot the wallcrawler earlier in the movie. When Eddie told Venom they need to be responsible and keep a low profile, the symbiote made a pretty good comeback in the form of this quote.

It was a reference to Uncle Ben’s famous saying about power and responsibility, which would have done the trick to Peter Parker but not Venom. The symbiote considered being in charge something only mediocre people envision, which is a good indication that he won’t get along with Spider-Man when they finally meet.

3 “You just said you love me.”

Eddie Brock holds chicken while talking to Venom in Venom 2

Venom and Eddie had a solid bromance in the movie where they quarreled like a married couple and reconciled along the same lines. The ending ended the conflict they went through for much of the movie, and Venom admitted his affection for Eddie on the beach.

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Eddie, who earlier claimed he didn’t want anything to do with Venom, pointed out that Venom basically told Eddie he loved him. It was a well-deserved moment of light between the duo that confirmed their dysfunctional relationship was ultimately a romantic one.

2 “Once we kill what made me, we will be indestructible.”

Carnage in Venom Let There Be Carnage

The connection between Carnage and Venom runs deep, and the film adapted the comic book background that Carnage is the offspring of Venom. As in the source material, Carnage was on a mission to kill his own father.

The villain arrived quite late in the film but immediately made his intentions known by making a deal with Cletus on their goals. Carnage informed their new host that defeating Venom was just the beginning and that they would combine Cletus’ past as a killer with Carnage’s powers to be unstoppable.

1 “These two need serious couples counseling.”

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in Venom 2

Dr. Dan didn’t appear until late in the movie, but he had all the right things to say about the dynamics of Venom and Eddie. The two had faced each other the entire time and Dan only needed one interaction to comment on what viewers would have thought as well.

Dan claimed that the symbiote and Eddie have a major need for couple counseling, which was a way for the film to reference the bromance of the protagonists while also hinting at the overall theme of the story. Considering the two made amends at the end of the movie, Venom and Eddie had to talk about it throughout.

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