The 10 Best Vampire Diaries Quotes, According To Ranker

Stefan and Damon Salvatore may be fictional, but The Vampire Diaries is full of quotes that resonate with viewers. The series has the perfect blend of drama, comedy, action, and romance, making it easy for fans of all genres to enjoy.

The funniest characters The Vampire Diaries tend to have the best lines, while those who are more thoughtful often share words of wisdom. However, the opposite can also be true due to the talent of the actors and their multi-layered personalities. Fans of the show took private soldier to vote on the quotes they find particularly memorable.

ten Damon threatens Jeremy

“I’m going to shove this ring so far up your ass, you’ll really get choked up.”

Damon Salvatore watches someone in The Vampire Diaries

It’s a bit surprising that this quote comes ahead of famous lines like “Hello bro,” but it’s a testament to how much viewers love Damon’s raw sense of humor. Whether he’s joking or not is up in the air, as Damon has proven he’s not above killing Elena’s brother.

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But, no matter the situation, the eldest Salvatore always has a witty commentary to lighten – or, in this case, darken – the mood. Because Jeremy walked away unscathed, fans can add him to Damon’s list of empty but hilarious threats.

9 Caroline confesses to Klaus

“Because I found myself wishing I could forget about all the horrible things you’ve done.”

Klaus and Caroline at the ball in The Vampire Diaries.

Among the best quotes from Klaus and Caroline in The Vampire Diaries, this is one of the most revealing. All the characters have done their fair share of unforgivable things, but Klaus’ actions are often the most ruthless and unnecessary.

Her villainous role, as well as her relationship with Tyler, prevent Caroline from returning Klaus’ affection. However, she finally confesses what viewers had hoped for. Part of Caroline fell in love with Klaus, despite all his misdeeds. Her morals keep her from acting on what’s between them, but she wishes things were different.

8 Lexi speaks from the heart

“When it’s real, you can’t walk away.”

Lexi on the Other Side in The Vampire Diaries Season 5

Despite her death, Lexi’s words continue to ring true throughout. The Vampire Diaries. Although she initially refers to Stefan and Elena, this applies to several different ships in the series.

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No matter how many times Damon and Elena try to call things off, they can never stay away from each other. The intensity with which they are attracted together ends up being a problem on more than one occasion. Caroline even finds her way back to Klaus years after the events of the series finale.

7 Damon knows what Elena wants

“You want what everyone else wants. You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, adventure, and maybe even a little danger.”

Elena and Damon meet in The Vampire Diaries.

Although it’s a closely guarded secret until Season 3’s “The Departed,” this quote is the catalyst for Damon and Elena’s romance in The Vampire Diaries. Damon erases the memory of their first meeting to keep his return to Mystic Falls a secret.

However, he doesn’t oblige Elena without telling her to get everything she seeks in life: passion, adventure, and even a little danger. Little do they know it, Elena will find all of this and more through her romance with Damon.

6 Damon Disses Humanity

“Humanity is not all it’s made out to be.”

There’s a reason so many characters on the show turn off their emotions: humanity hurts. Damon has experienced this firsthand, as so far he has only encountered unrequited love and loss.

The Vampire Diaries glorifies the human experience and preaches that it is worth feeling the wrong emotions to feel the right ones. Although this is true, it is not always easy to believe, especially in times of suffering. Damon speaks for the audience when he points out how overrated humanity can be.

5 Damon makes a statement to Elena

“I will always choose you.”

The other characters often have to sacrifice themselves for Elena in vampire diaries, and it’s not always their choice. As this quote illustrates, Damon, along with Stefan, places Elena above everyone and everything. It can get especially frustrating when innocent people get caught up in the supernatural web.

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However, it’s no surprise that this is a fan-favorite line. Damon and Elena’s relationship may be toxic, but his dangerous level of devotion to her is what makes their on-screen romance so compelling. After a few seasons of development, it becomes apparent that Elena is returning the sentiment.

4 Klaus promises to wait for Caroline

“It’s your first love. I intend to be your last. No matter how long it takes.”

Klaus kisses Caroline in The Vampire Diaries

Klaus’ statement to Caroline in Season 4’s “Graduation” is an obvious choice for fan-favorite quotes. Although the character is flying off to New Orleans, that doesn’t mean he’s giving up what’s between them.

Not only does he promise to wait until she’s ready, but he allows Tyler to return to Mystic Falls. The graduation present shows Klaus’ growth and proves that he wants Caroline to choose him, rather than letting him be the only option. Death might prevent him from being Caroline’s last love, but Caroline ends up being hers.

3 Klaus wants Caroline to see the world with him

“Maybe one day, a year from now, or even a century from now, you’ll show up on my doorstep and let me show you what the world has to offer.”

Much to the delight of fans, Caroline finds herself on Klaus’ doorstep. In one of the best full circle moments of The Vampire Diaries universe, she seeks out the Original Hybrid to accept his offer.

Klaus knew Caroline’s hopes and dreams were bigger than Mystic Falls could offer, and he’s one of the only characters to call her out on what she really wants. Caroline and Klaus traveling the world together would have been ideal, but at least Klaus is able to use his last day to show her his favorite place.

2 Elie emphasizes the power of love

“I believe that when you love someone and that person loves you back, you are especially vulnerable. They have the power to hurt you like nothing else.”

Elijah Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries

Although this quote is technically said in The originals, TVDU fans tend to find Elijah’s words particularly compelling. It’s easy to forget that Elijah was first introduced as a villain, given his compassion for others and his devotion to his friends and family.

Elijah clearly speaks from a place of fear, but that doesn’t make the sentiment any less true. When someone is truly in love, they let their guard down and allow themselves to be vulnerable. Due to their desire for control, it makes sense that the Mikaelsons have a hard time opening up to others.

1 Damon does not want to meet a standard

“Because when people see good, they expect good. And I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations.”

Vampire Diaries Finale Damon

Damon’s conversation with Elena in The Vampire Diaries Season 3’s “Heart of Darkness” reveals a truth he tried to keep hidden. Realizing what he did for Rose in her final moments, Elena wonders why Damon won’t let others see the good in him.

He admits he doesn’t want to create an expectation that people could use against him. It is better to surprise someone than to disappoint them. Given the high standards humans set for themselves in everyday life, it makes sense that viewers would resonate with Damon’s confession.

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