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In the long-awaited survival thriller, The beasta widower named Nate (Idris Elba) takes his daughters on a trip to a savannah game reserve to be chased by a vicious lion bent on killing every human he sees.

Like most killer animal movies, the Universal Pictures project is a blast. Hardly any moment feels unrealistic and aside from the endless tension and vicious attacks, the dialogue is another captivating element of the film.


“This little bump here is you.”


After arriving at Martin’s house, Nate and his daughters look at photos they took years ago. He then shows his eldest daughter Meredith a photo of when her mother was pregnant with her.

By Nate’s own admission, the trip to the savannah is a way for him to bond with his daughters after their mother’s death. He regrets not having always been present during their separation, so he wants to catch up. By showing a photo to Meredith, he hopes it will make her smile. Instead, it only makes her sadder.

“There is something waiting for us!”


When Martin takes Nate and his daughters to the animal reserve, he notices something unusual: an animal surrounds them. He therefore advises Nate and his family to stay in the car.

As someone who has lived on the savannah for a long time, Martin is able to spot danger faster than anyone. The moment he says those words, it becomes clear that all hell is about to break loose. Thanks to his warnings, Nate’s daughters are safe from a surprise attack that would have happened if they had gone out.

“Diabolo! »

— Unnamed native.

Going deep into the game reserve, the party finds a badly injured man. When they ask him what happened, he just says one word, which means “devil”.

The man strongly believes it was the devil who attacked him because he and his community have lived among lions for ages and nothing bad has ever happened. His remark also makes audiences curious if there’s a supernatural element involved. But it turns out he’s just a rogue lion.

“Lions don’t do that, at least no lions I’ve ever seen.”


Nate and Martin realize something is seriously wrong when they enter a compound and find everyone dead. They think it’s a lion attack but Martin still doubts it because he’s never seen anything like it.

Even for someone used to interacting with lions, the attack baffles Martin. Logically, lions eat their prey but the beast in question is simply killing and leaving. Luckily, there’s an explanation later in the movie. The rogue lion is angry with poachers for killing members of his pride, so he seeks revenge on all humans.

” It’s the law of the jungle. It is the only law that matters.


While showing the family a group of friendly lions, Martin explains to them why the male lions protect the pride while the females go hunting. It also explains why there are rivalries between different prides.

Like some of the best animal documentaries, the film also does a great job of educating audiences about the king of the jungle. Thanks to Martin, a few details are provided, some of which even help the protagonist in the final act as he attempts to eliminate the threat once and for all. His lyrics are also a reminder that the killer lion isn’t just malevolent. He does all of this because he sees humans as a big threat.

“Everything is your fault.”

— Meredith.

Meredith continues to blame her father for the death of their mother, who fell ill and died shortly after the separation. Nate and Norah disagree, but Meredith continues to insist.

Another tense moment between Nate and Meredith proves extremely emotional. Through the interactions, it becomes apparent that Meredith loved her mother more and is still angry that Nate left her before she died. Still, Nate does his best to reassure her that it wasn’t as easy as she says.

“You have to drive. Conduct!”


While the rogue lion is busy trying to attack the vehicle, Nate establishes himself as one of the best movie dads by taking control of the situation. In order to take care of the lion on his own, he orders his daughter, Meredith, to drive. She hesitates at first, but he reminds her that they have no choice.

Nate relies on his daughter to lead as he must find ways to force the lion away. And depending on the situation, speeding up is also the only real chance they have of surviving. Unfortunately, the car crashes, a development that puts them in even more danger as they are now stranded in the middle of the woods.

“We are in his territory now.”


Nate doesn’t seem to understand why the lion is so pissed at them so he asks Martin why. And Martin explains it in the best possible way.

Martin’s words somehow paint humans as the problematic ones. According to him, the lion is only trying to keep its territory. For the audience, his words also serve as a promise of more chaos to come. Since they are in his territory, whose terrain he knows very well, the lion won’t stop until he kills them all. What follows are events that qualify The Beast as one of the most intense survival movies of all time.

“The Lion is staring at you. Why would he do that?”


After the lion’s attack leaves Martin injured, Nate plans to go get him. By radio, Martin advises him not to come because the lion is staring at him.

It’s one of the few moments in the film that can be considered funny. Nate just can’t figure out why the lion is looking at Martin without attacking him. And there’s a good explanation for that: he’s using her as bait. As soon as someone comes to rescue Martin, he will jump.

“You knew the others would attack him.”

— Meredith.

In a last ditch attempt to save his family, Nate runs to open ground to lure the lion out. After a brief struggle between him and the beast, other lions show up to save him. It’s something that impresses Meredith.

Nate’s decision to lead the lion into the field is considered one of cinema’s most heroic acts. He is simply taking a bet, hoping that other lions will come to save him. Fortunately, it does happen, but not before the beast pulls out a few chunks of its flesh. It’s also heartwarming that he’s doing all of this so his daughters can survive.

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