The 10 best quotes from Spider-Man: No Way Home


There are few superheroes as beloved as Spider-Man. In his various cinematic incarnations, he has shown time and time again that he has what it takes to endure significant heartache while continuing to fight steadfastly for what is right. This is certainly the case with Spider-Man: No Path Home, which sees the main character grappling with numerous challenges, most of which hinge on revealing his true identity to the world.

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Additionally, many characters in the film have powerful quotes that articulate the main themes of the film.

J. Jonah Jameson on Spider-Man Vigilance

“People admire this boy and call him a hero. Well, I’ll tell you what I call him: public enemy number one!”

There are few characters who have been so enduring in the Spider Man films like J. Jonah Jameson, which remains one of JK Simmons’ best roles. In this film, he once again trains his anger at the hero of the web, and in this quote it makes it clear that he only has contempt for Spider-Man and everything he does. More than that, he also sees it as the most serious threat to the city, and Jameson has the power to change public opinion.


Dr. Otto Octavius ​​on seeing Peter again

“Hello Peter.”

Many great villains appear in the Spider-Man franchise, but few have such sinister power as Doctor Octopus, played by the great Alfred Molina. His opening words in this film are powerful because of their simplicity and the intensity of Molina’s delivery. It allows the viewer to understand that the sinister doctor still remains so relentlessly opposed to Peter Parker and that, in a strange way, he is even happy to see his former nemesis again.

Dr. Strange on Peter’s plan to clean up his mess

“Go on your phones, browse the internet and Scooby Doo This Sh! T.”

Doctor Strange in Spider-Man No Way Home

Benedict Cumberbatch has starred in some great movies, but there’s no doubt that Dr. Strange is one of his best roles. In this quote, he shows his characteristic biting spirit, as he orders Peter and his friends to find the villains who have come from other universes. The quote crackles with his aura of command, though it’s also important to point out that MJ returns it to him right away, eventually forcing him to add “please.”

Norman Osborn on Peter’s Identity Problems

“Peter, you struggle to have everything you want while the world tries to make you choose.”

Green Goblin on Spider-Man No Way Home Poster

Willem Defoe brings his considerable acting talent to the character of Green Goblin / Norman Osborn, just as he did in the original trilogy.

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What is striking about this quote is that it makes so much sense. Yes, Osborn is evil and capable of great cruelty and violence, but he’s right about Peter’s fundamental struggle to have whatever he wants – a girlfriend, a college education, a normal life – even if the world around him refuses to see him as anything other than Spider-Man.

Dr Otto Octavius ​​on the futility of Peter’s fight

“You fly into the darkness to fight the ghosts.”

Spider-Man No Way Home Doctor Otto Octavius

Alfred Molina’s villain has many great quotes throughout this movie, but this one is one of the best. When he delivers this line, he has yet to come to terms with the fact that he dies at the hands of Spider-Man in his own universe, which is why he also cannot acknowledge that Norman Osborn is still alive. At the same time, it also highlights the fact that in some ways Peter and his friends are actually fighting ghosts as they attempt to turn the tide of fate itself.

Dr. Strange on Peter’s Core Problem

“Part of the problem isn’t Mysterio. It’s you, trying to live two different lives. The longer you do this, the more dangerous it becomes.”

Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange in Spider-Man No Way Home

In a strange way, this quote from Dr. Strange echoes that of Norman Osborn, in that he too realizes that Peter’s fundamental problem is not with outside forces but with himself. Here he is essentially saying that Peter’s refusal to merge the two parts of his identity into a cohesive whole is something that has not only damaged his relationships with others, but has also set him on a path that can only lead. to its own destruction.

Peter on the impact of revealing his identity on those close to him

“It’s not about me. And it really hurts a lot of people. My happy aunt May, my best friend, my girlfriend… their future is ruined just because they know me.

One of the most endearing things about Peter Parker is that he’s someone who genuinely cares about others, and this quote demonstrates the depth of his feelings. For him, the problem of revealing his true identity affects not only him but, above all, the people who mean the most to him in the world.

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And, because Peter is the type of person who will always look out for the best interests of others, his desire to fix the problem is what leads to the misuse of the spell.

MJ on managing expectations

“If you expect disappointment, you can never really be disappointed. “

Zendaya is one of the most talented actresses of her generation, and she shows time and time again that she will continue to have a bright future. His character of MJ is one of the highlights of the film, and this quote shows why. He is a very practical person and his pessimism is not cynical; rather, it’s his way of dealing with the world and making sure that his heart isn’t broken or disappointed again.

Aunt May gives Peter the perfect advice

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Marisa Tomei as Aunt May in Spider-Man No Way Home

This is arguably the most famous quote in comic book history, because it distills the ethics of comics so well. Spider Man universe. Cleverly, the film puts this quote in Aunt May’s mouth, even though it has traditionally been spoken by Uncle Ben. The fact that she utters this line right before her own death gives her a power and might of her own, and it reminds Peter of the higher moral call he faces as he sets out to fight the bad guys.

Dr. Strange on fate

“It’s their fate. You can’t change that any more than you can change who they are.

Even though the key conflict in this movie is between Peter and villains from other dimensions, the truth is, it’s even deeper than that. While Dr. Strange, as this quote suggests, believes that their fate cannot (and perhaps should not) be changed, that they are destined to die in their own world, Peter sees something different, that no one is beyond redemption, and this fundamental conflict shapes the whole movie and gives it the philosophical heart which is one of its strengths.

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