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Gunther and his efficient team of baristas have been the cornerstone of Central Perk in Friends. They dealt with people from all walks of life, the most memorable being the beloved gang of six who spent their time occupying the orange sofa and hanging out.

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Central Perk was a place full of fun and laughter. It was the perfect setting for lively discussions with friends and meeting new people. And so, fans will love picking up on some of the best quotes and one-liners that have made coffee such a place to remember.

When a waitress hit it off with Rachel in a wet wedding dress

“Can I buy you some coffee?” “

A waitress works at Central Perk in Friends

Rachel Green’s dramatic entry into the pilot episode is remembered to this day. She waltzed through Central Perk in search of her old friend, Monica. The staff at Central Perk were immediately able to comfort their drenched client, and drama was ultimately just one of the sticky situations Rachel found herself in during Friends.

The waitress at the counter looked at Rachel empathetically and asked her if she would like a cup of coffee. Monica ordered her friend a decaf and as the ladies took to the couch the waitress arrived in no time with a cup of coffee.

When Gunther broke a pile of dishes in the storage room

“I dropped a mug.”

Gunther works at Central Perk in Friends

Gunther’s loving obsession with Rachel was the defining aspect of her character. His adoration for her resulted in overly generous and comical gestures, such as buying her a cat for $ 1,500 and offering her her apartment.

In “The One With the Tiny T-Shirt,” Gunther smashed a bunch of Central Perk dishes, and once the cacophony stopped, he walked off the stage pretending nothing had happened. As it turns out, Rachel’s ex-coworker Mark asked her out seconds before Gunther planned to do the same. Those at the scene looked at him for a response, and he replied that he had dropped a cup, but everyone knew it was more than that.

When Terry refused to give Rachel a $ 100 advance

“Rachel, Rachel dear. You are a terrible, terrible waitress.”

Terry manager of Central Perk holds Rachel's hands at the counter in Friends

Being the owner of the bustling cafe meant that sometimes Terry had to make decisions that his employees weren’t happy with. In “The One Where Underdog Gets Away,” the gang’s Thanksgiving plans were marred with many woes.

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Rachel, who worked at the cafe, had planned to go to Vail, but her request for a payday advance was refused by Terry. Not only did she have her ears full of it, but she also agreed with her boss when customers around her were asking for refills or waiting to be served. Although the gang later stepped in and bought Rachel a ticket for Vail, she would have much preferred to pay for it herself.

When Gunther almost abided by the no-smoking rule

“Oh, no, no, there’s none of that here.”

Gunther asks Chandler to put out his cigarette while at Central Perk in Friends

Gunther uttered this line when Chandler walked into Central Perk puffing cigarette smoke all over the place. Season 3’s “The One With the Hypnosis Tape” showed Chandler struggling with his tobacco addiction, which meant that each of his friends, including the staff at Central Perk, struggled to be with him.

When Chandler insisted that Gunther let him finish the one he had already lit, the latter asked for a drag as a compromise. But Chandler was put off by Gunther’s words, “Oh, black mother. Once again, I’m sucking on your smoky pacifier,” and let him keep the cigarette. The scene revealed that Gunther had a dark, mischievous side, which he didn’t always reveal during working hours.

When Rachel’s neglect surprised Terry

“Aren’t you cleaning the cappuccino maker?” “

Rachel and Terry chatting at Central Perk in Friends

Terry said the words out loud when Rachel tried to save Phoebe’s gig in “The One With the Baby on the Bus”. He hired a professional singer to perform on Sunday afternoon and wanted Phoebe to stop performing.

Rachel offered to clean the cappuccino maker as a favor for letting her friend play. But Terry was baffled because the waitress at Central Perk was already implying that she was cleaning the cappuccino maker.

When Terry vividly described Phoebe’s music

“… She makes me want to put my finger in my eye, in my brain and spin it!”

Terry talks to Rachel at Central Perk in Friends

Terry’s vivid description of Phoebe’s music in the same episode made Rachel a little uncomfortable and she replied, “Okay, you’re not a fan …”

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Phoebe’s questionable music elicited some hilarious reactions from the gang of six, but Terry’s scathing remarks beat them all, hands down. His brief appearance on Friends sounded like he was saying what he thought and was a big advocate of honesty. But in this case, he left the dirty work of firing Phoebe from her unpaid job at Rachel.

When Gunther demanded that Joey respect etiquette in the workplace

“Don’t wink at me and put on your apron.”

Gunther works at Central Perk In Friends

When it comes to ranking the work ethic of the main characters in Friends, people like Joey are far behind the rest. He was a struggling actor with needs to be met in expensive New York City. So sometimes he would take temporary jobs to pay the bills. In “The One With the Joke”, Gunther suggested that he work at Central Perk because the working hours were flexible and the money was good.

At first, Joey struggled to get used to serving his friends. But it all came together when Gunther berated him and told him to be on his best behavior, and his friends, especially Rachel, told him about it.

When Rachel succeeded in this complicated order

“So it’s half a coffee, double height, easy nutty, non-greasy, no foam with whisk, extra hot latte.”

Rachel Green serves Central Perk customer in Friends

Although Rachel worked as a waitress at Central Perk for a while, she rarely received orders properly and had set her sights on a career in fashion. Once, she accidentally dropped a piece of pie in the hood of a customer’s coat, and another time, she served Monica a hot cider with her pencil in it.

However, in this particular case, in “The One With Frank Jr.”, not only did she pull off the complicated drink well, but she was able to confirm every little detail of the long order before letting the customer take a sip.

When Gunther spoke to Robert

“Hey buddy, this is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house.”

Gunther waiting tables at Central Perk in Friends

Gunther was the person who made Central Perk work. He took care of every little detail and from this quote from Season 3, it looks like he was committed to maintaining a family feel in the cafe. As it turns out, Phoebe dated a California jockey named Robert, who revealed a little more than he intended.

When everyone (including Phoebe) got it with Robert’s constant flash, Gunther walked over to the plate and asked him to cover up. The incident took place in “The One Where Monica and Richard Are Friends”, and this line should definitely be one of Gunther’s funniest quotes.

When Joey asked his friends to leave the orange couch

“How about you get out of here so I can get new clients?” “

Joey waits for Ross at Central Perk in Friends

With words like this, Joey hits the nail on the head. In “The One With the Joke,” he spoke on behalf of everyone who has ever worked at the cafe when he asked the gang to empty themselves.

One of the things fans never understood about Central Perk is how the gang always managed to find the orange couch unoccupied. While some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a reserved sign on the coffee table every now and then, overall it is only fair that strolling customers are urged to leave so those waiting can be quickly sitting down.

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