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After facing a double whammy of critical disappointments with Aquatic life and Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson has accepted an offer to direct his first stop-motion animated film: an adaptation of the Roald Dahl film Fantastic Mr. Fox. It’s a quintessential Anderson movie, mixing up the heist story of Rocket in bottle, the anguish of Rushmore, and the dysfunctional family dynamics of The Royal Tenenbaums.

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Anderson’s screenplay adaptation of the Dahl classic, co-written with similarly renowned filmmaker Noah Baumbach, is filled with memorable lines fans still quote to this day.

ten “You insult me?” – Mr. Renard

Mr Fox growling in front of the camera in Fantastic Mr Fox

In the world of Fantastic Mr. Fox, animals use “swear words” instead of real swear words. This surrogate was a great way for Wes Anderson to incorporate his crass dialogue into a family-friendly animated film.

During a heated argument with Badger, Mr. Fox said, “Are you kidding me? Do not insult me ​​! Badger replies, “If you’re going to swear with someone, you’re not going to swear with me, you little curse!”

9 “There are a lot of attitudes around … Don’t let me have one.” – Gray fox

Ash Fox dries up as Mrs Fox paints near tree in Fantastic Mr Fox

Like most of Jason Schwartzman’s other Wes Anderson characters, Ash Fox is hysterically short with people – especially his cousin Kristofferson, with whom he develops a bitter rivalry after joining the Foxes and quickly reveals he’s better than he is. ‘Ash in all.

During his first night in Ash’s room, Kristofferson asks if he can pull his sleeping bag lightly from under Ash’s oar. Ash instantly reacts vindictively and says, “There are a lot of attitudes here … don’t let me have one.”

8 “You really are kind of a fantastic fox in quotes.” – Mrs. Fox

After resuming stealing, alienating local farmers and endangering the family home, Ms Fox is understandably furious with her husband, who promised her he would give up the crime. When Mr. Fox explains why he returned to a life of crime, he also explains the title. He needs people to think of him as “the” Fantastic Mr. Fox “in quotes. “

Later in the movie, when Mr. Fox really got “fantastic” and saved his family and friends from Boggis, Bunce, and Bean, Ms. Fox states this line.

7 “I have mixed feelings about this.” – Kristofferson

Ash and Kristofferson climb through a manhole in Fantastic Mr Fox

In a desperate attempt to win his father’s affection, Ash returns to the farm with Kristofferson to retrieve Mr. Fox’s severed tail. However, they are caught almost instantly and Kristofferson is captured.

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During the ensuing rescue mission, Ash’s job is to save Kristofferson from captivity. When Ash, the reason Kristofferson got caught in the first place, says, “I’m here to save you,” Kristofferson snapped at him, “I have mixed feelings about this.”

6 “I’m not leaving here without this tie!” – Mr. Renard

Boggis, Bunce and Bean wait in town in Fantastic Mr Fox

After pulling on Mr. Fox’s tail, Bean begins to wear it as a tie. In the deadlock, Mr. Fox angrily said to Bean, “Your tractors uprooted my tree. Your gang chased away my family. Your gunmen kidnapped my nephew. Your rat insulted my wife. And you pulled me on the tail. I’m not leaving here without this tie!

The farmers immediately open fire, tearing Mr. Fox’s blanket to shreds in seconds, and with perfect comedic timing, he tells the others, “Actually, we should just go.”

5 “Was IA a little rude to Agnes?” “- Gray fox

Ash and Kristofferson by the punch bowl in Fantastic Mr Fox

For most of the movie, Ash is so wrapped up in his teenage angst that he doesn’t realize he’s a jerk to most people and that’s why he’s not particularly liked.

Towards the end of the film, he begins to realize his flaws. After harshly refuting Agnes so that he can talk to Kristofferson, Ash lets go of his thoughts and says, “Was I a little rude to Agnes?” I should probably say something. I’ll do it in a minute.

4 “You wrote a bad song, Petey!” “- The Franklin bean

Petey plays guitar in Fantastic Mr Fox

There is a non-sequitur scene in the middle of Fantastic Mr. Fox in which Petey – a parody of Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, played by Cocker himself – improvises a song sitting by a campfire.

Bean asks what he’s playing and Petey says, “I just made it up as I went along, really.” Bean replies, “It’s just weak writing! You wrote a bad song, Petey! This quote has become a popular meme because it is endlessly applicable to lazily written music.

3 “What a beautiful creature.” – Mr. Renard

A wolf standing in the snow in Fantastic Mr Fox

One of the most poignant scenes in Fantastic Mr. Fox comes towards the end after the heroes free Kristofferson and escape the farm. Mr. Fox confronts his long-standing wolf phobia when he sees a majestic wolf standing on top of a nearby hill.

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He tries to communicate with the wolf and confides that he has an irrational fear of his kind. Mr. Fox overcomes his fear, admires the wolf and says this quote before leaving.

2 “Am I being flirted by a psychotic rat?” “- Mrs. Fox

Rat lighting a match in Fantastic Mr Fox

Willem Dafoe gives a hilarious and eccentric ride Fantastic Mr. Fox like the evil Rat, a rodent mercenary hired by farmers to suffocate their nemesis.

Rat said to Mrs. Fox, “Look at you, my girl! You are always as beautiful as a crème brûlée! Mrs. Fox responds, “Am I flirting with a psychotic rat?” Meryl Streep’s funny and brilliantly unemotional delivery ensures this line never fails to get a laugh.

1 “You are, without a doubt, the five and a half most wonderful wild animals I have ever encountered in my life.” – Mr. Renard

Mr Fox toasts in a supermarket in Fantastic Mr Fox

After taking his pregnant wife, son, nephew and their friends to a supermarket to feast on processed goods, Mr Fox gives another of his famous toast.

He holds up a box of juice and says, “We will eat tonight and we will eat together. And even in this unflattering light, you are without a doubt the five and a half most wonderful animals that I have ever encountered in my life. So, let’s raise our boxes – for our survival. This line is a sweet and healthy way to end the movie – especially the “and a half” part referring to Mr. and Mrs. Fox’s second unborn child.

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