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It is rare for a series to systematically distribute conflict welfare material, and Ted lasso has found success to deliver here. Jason Sudeikis’ breakout comedy has been very well received as it seeks to elevate in more than one capacity, and the characters have great material to do so.

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The second season continued the basic outline of the original but the quality of the dialogue is better. Ted and the supporting cast of AFC Richmond Affiliates all had some eloquent quotes that even non-fans will appreciate. It’s worth diving into the meaning of these words to appreciate the show’s ability to make viewers care about the characters.

Higgins: “A good mentor hopes you will move forward. A good mentor knows you will.”

Higgins and Julie in front of their house with nerf guns

Leslie Higgins starts out wanting to help Rebecca ruin Ted’s team, but has since softened due to Ted’s influence. He was surprisingly insightful with Keeley when he delivered this quote, which speaks volumes about the value of a good mentor when examined in detail.

After all, a person who shapes their protege to face the world should understand their chances when alone, which makes those words very apt. The show is all about helping people while allowing them to grow, and Higgins was really into something here.

Roy: “You live, you die, it’s over. End of story. Good night.”

Roy in his black suit on the field as a coach in Ted Lasso

Roy experienced a significant character development in Ted lasso, going from something of a fool to an irritable but sympathetic man. Yet he carries that gruff nature to the present day, Roy having this quote to say to Coach Beard when the latter was pondering the existence of a soul.

Roy closed the discussion upfront by saying there was no need to consider an afterlife because there wasn’t, he said. While this is undoubtedly a very cynical approach, the quote sums up Roy’s mentality very well as a person who believes in himself first and foremost.

Paul: “How do you deal with knowing that the universe is infinite but your consciousness is ending at the same time?”

Characters in an elevator in Ted Lasso

Baz, Jeremy, and Paul are mostly supporting characters rather than part of the main cast, but the latter had an interesting question for Beard. When the three posed a flurry of questions to Beard, Paul hit him with one that is much more introspective than it looks.

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This is a valid thought, because the expansion of the universe ultimately makes no sense when a person’s consciousness will always be limited and has an expiration date. The quote showed Paul may have more to offer than just being an AFC Richmond super fan.

Coach Beard: “I want to be with her. All of her, all of the time. Is this love or am I just having a problem?”

Ted Lasso Season 2 Coach Beard

Beard and Jane might not be the best Ted lasso couple, but watching Beard fall in love is definitely entertaining. He’s a mix of straight man and surrealist character, with “Beard After Hours” exploring his personality the most.

Beard was unable to understand how he was feeling, finally thinking that there must be something wrong with him if he wanted to spend all of his time with the woman he loved. This feeling can very well be witnessed by many people around the world, which makes Beard all the more human.

Sharon: “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

Dr. Sharon talks to Ted offscreen in Ted Lasso

This quote is actually the title of a book by Gloria Steinem that Dr. Sharon used to put things in perspective for Ted. The two had a rocky relationship earlier when Ted wasn’t a fan of his influence on club members, but he returned when they bonded.

Ted is an optimistic man in general, but he has many inherent issues that Sharon may be the only person to really find. She helped him deal with mental health issues he didn’t even know he had, so this quote sums up Ted’s situation nicely.

Sharon: “Well, I can’t be your mentor without being your executioner sometimes.”

Apple tv

“Headspace” showed Ted was dealing with his skepticism about therapy with Dr. Sharon, going from complete denial to explosive contempt and then eventual acceptance. Sharon played her role well during this time, telling Ted that part of being a mentor is distributing hard love.

Ted even admitted that he liked the quote and Sharon replied that she had chosen it because he would. Basically, words convey a sense of well-being, because that is exactly how a good mentor-mentee relationship is supposed to be based on building trust.

Ted: “It might not work out the way you think it will or the way you hope it will. But trust me, everything will be fine.”

Ted Lasso walking around Richmond with his cup of coffee

Ted’s manner with words is exactly why everyone around him is soothing in his presence. When the team found themselves in the “Rainbow” dumps, he told them he believed in “Romcommunism”. According to him, it was about believing that everything will be fine, no matter what.

It was a good life lesson overall as the quote is meant to uplift even when there doesn’t seem to be a solution. Ted had no idea if his team could actually get away with this, but he had the will to believe that some sort of miracle could happen if one person thought it was possible. This is one of the best quotes from Ted lasso throughout the show.

Ted: “Hey, doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.”

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso in Season 2 of Ted Lasso on Apple TV +

It’s a simple thing to hear, but Ted’s words can be used to overcome problems in real life. Take the example where Sam learned that the team sponsor was from an oil company that had caused environmental problems in Nigeria, for example.

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In protest, he refused to wear the company logo on his shirt. Sam finally found the courage to accuse the government of contributing to the unethical practices, for which Ted gave his approval. Her quote sums up Sam’s struggle in the episode, as doing the right thing instantly eliminates what is wrong.

Roy: “You deserve someone who makes you feel like you’ve been struck by lightning. Don’t you dare settle for a fine.”

Roy doesn’t have much to comment on other people’s issues, but he speaks from his heart when it matters. When he saw Rebecca’s date, Roy realized that she was just looking for someone who was financially stable and suitable for her age rather than someone she could truly love.

Not holding back his feelings, Roy asked Rebecca to settle for “good”, arguing that she was doing herself a disservice by preferring convenience over passion. This applies to people all over the world who want to rush into things like marriage and engagement, because sticking to the right one is ultimately more important.

Ted: “I think things come into our lives to help us move from one place to a better.”

Ted showing the camera in Ted Lasso

Bringing up the topic of mental health is one of the reasons why Ted lassoThe second season of is arguably better than the first, with the first focusing on Dani’s guilt for accidentally killing the mascot dog named Earl. He got over that at the end when he realized it wasn’t his fault.

Ted reflected on this from the episode’s conclusion, saying things come to life to allow people to move forward when they didn’t know they could. He hoped that Earl’s disappearance was just a way for him to find peace in whatever came after death, and that it was a lesson everyone should learn.

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