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While on many levels Dean Winchester is a layered, complicated, and troubled character, he’s simple in the sense that he likes what he likes and that never really changes. He adores and feels responsible for his younger brother, as well as for Castiel; he loves pie, he loves classic rock and of course he can’t live without his 1967 Chevrolet Impala, “Baby”, an important and iconic part of Supernatural.

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The love Dean has for his car / house / part of the family is in part displayed through a plethora of quotes in the series’ fifteen seasons which range from house rules to the car, taking care and driving the car, and just treat the car like her baby.

ten “Hands on the wheel! “

Sam and Dean ride the Impala listening to Night Moves in Baby in Supernatural

‘Baby’ is an episode dedicated to the Impala and is one of the best in the series over its fifteen seasons. This quote from Dean is not about the car but rather about its relationship with it and its rules. It’s simple, fleeting, but awesome.

As ‘Night Moves’ plays and fans experience what daily driving is like for a boy chase, there’s a split second that Sam gets behind the wheel, only to get his hand slapped and told, “Hands on the wheel.” It’s great because it’s a really happy few minutes with the brothers, with Dean still treating Sammy like his younger brother, not letting him mess up his car when he drives, just like the early days of the show.

9 “You leave my baby alone, she has nothing to do with it.”

Impala Supernatural Crash Mannequin

Sam and Dean, all the way through Supernatural, find themselves possessed as well as their loved ones. It’s an integral part of the job. What Dean doesn’t stand for is a spirit that owns his car.

In “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning”, this is what happens when a spirit grabs Dean’s Impala, causing a hilarious “No. No way. No no no no no no. She owns sex dolls, she’s not a sex doll.” before he demands that the spirit leave his baby alone. Dean’s undying love for his car is one of the best dynamics in Supernatural.

8 “Murder. I would murder them all.”

Dean threatens to kill anyone who touches the Impala in Supernatural

There has never been a questioning of Dean’s loyalty to those people and things he loves. In fact, if anything, it is true to a fault. When it comes to the Impala, he feels passionate about its safety and its place in its life.

In “A Most Holy Man” Sam asks Dean what he would do if someone stole the Impala and his immediate response is “Murder, I would kill them all.” and when Sam tries to tell Dean his take on the case, Dean doesn’t care, continuing to say “There will be torture first. There will be, like, a lot of torture, and then there would – it would end in death. If I can’t have it, no one can.” Dean Winchester cannot and will not live without a baby.

7 “New rule; you steal my baby, you get hit. “

Sam Impala Pilot

Dean has always had a hard time letting Sam pick up and drive the Impala; even when he dies or plans to die, he is reluctant to give his baby over to Sam. So when Sam takes him away without Dean’s permission, it doesn’t end well for him.

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This is exactly what Sam does in “The Girl Next Door”, as he goes to talk to his old friend Kitsune Amy with the Impala. Upon his return to the motel, Dean quickly and hilariously punches him and tells him about the new rules. As much as Dean can love Sam, even he doesn’t get away with mistreating, mishandling, or even using the Impala without Dean’s knowledge.

6 “At least my baby did.”

Dean and Sam run into a parking lot full of Impalas in The French Mistake in Supernatural

Supernatural has shown a serious knack for being a meta over the years, and “The French Mistake” might very well be the best example of where Dean and Sam are sent to a world where their lives are the plot of a show called Supernatural.

The episode has loads of interesting quotes in it, and this Impala related one is so good because of the sudden shift from happiness to sadness for Dean. Turning around the corner on the set, he spots his baby only to end up with a parking lot full of Impala used for the show, prompting Dean to say: “Hey. Hey! What – I’m feeling sick. I’m going to be sick. I want to go home. I feel like this whole place is hurting me.”

5 “You tend to ride on station wagons … Imagine she is, she’s a beautiful woman. A beautiful, beautiful woman, Sam.”

Dean gives advice to Sam on how to take care of the Impala after he's gone in Supernatural

Dean’s romantic story isn’t the best. His life and who he is inside never really allowed it, even if he got closer to Lisa. The Impala, however, is so often treated like Dean’s significant other.

One of the best examples of this comes when Dean makes sure Dean takes care of the Impala as he sets out to find the Hellhound Ramsay with Crowley. What’s so funny about this moment is that Sam assumes Dean is talking about Gwen when he says, “Take care of her.” Dean’s love, gentleness, and care for his baby has never been matched on the show.

4 “You were supposed to take care of her, not shower her.”

Dean gets mad at Sam for showering the Impala with his iPod plug in Supernatural

Even though Dean doesn’t like giving up on the Impala, there were times he was okay with leaving him with Sam, like when he went to hell. What he didn’t agree with were the changes made to the car by Sam, his younger brother putting an iPod jack in the car.

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Of course, Sam’s point of view is understandable. He could never have predicted that an angel in love with Dean would hold him tight and lift him from perdition. Still, it’s hilarious how dismayed Dean is with the way Sam showered Baby. Even though iPods are more convenient, there’s something inherent in Dean about his old rock and tape collection.

3 “Hi baby.”

Dean rides the Impala in Heaven and turns on the radio to hear Carry on Wayward Son before driving through Heaven in the Supernatural finale

the Supernatural the finale is going to be fandom-separated for years to come for its flaws and how it has or hasn’t affected the fifteen seasons behind it. There were some incredibly touching moments, like Dean and the Impala in Heaven.

Not only was the stage the perfect position for the iconic “Carry On Wayward Son”, there was a level of calm and bliss in Dean that was pleasing to the eye, even though it all went against the heart of the crowd. series. of the dean “Hi baby.” at the Impala was just a simple and charming moment for the character at last at peace.

2 “The driver chooses the music, the shotgun closes its cake hole.”

Sam mocks Dean for his cassette collection and Dean says Driver Picks the music shotgun shuts down his cakehole in Supernatural

Another quote that is more about the conduct and rules of the Impala rather than the Impala itself, is one of the most iconic and beloved quotes in the series, appearing in the pilot episode of it. over fifteen years ago.

“The driver chooses the music, the shotgun closes its cake hole.” is a motto many fans have adopted, and with good reason. Their personalities and the dynamic between the brothers are immediately brought to light wonderfully in the pilot, and this moment is a key part of it. It’s hilarious, and all these years later, it’s a moment that fans thought so fondly.

1 “Woo. Listen to his purr, have you ever heard something so sweet?” “Oh, don’t listen to it baby, he doesn’t understand us.”

The Impala returns in Supernatural with Back In Black

The Impala goes through a lot. It’s destroyed multiple times over the course of the series, with Dean rebuilding it over and over again. When he does so in Season 2, he’s the most visibly happy he’s been since Azazel destroyed him in the Season 1 finale.

Driving down the freeway with “Back in Black” on the stereo, Sam asks Dean if he wants a room with the car because of the excitement and glee he’s showing, with these two great quotes from Dean on either side of the question. It’s a great iconic scene showing Dean’s work on his baby, Dean admitting things are getting better because “I have my car.”

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