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New Suicide Squad 2 Not only offers a lot of action scenes and memorable characters, but it’s also very funny and cleverly written. When not fighting their enemies, the characters are often busy making fun of each other. Given their differences in character, it makes sense that it would take some time for them to find common ground.

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That would be tough enough even if the team didn’t have the task of infiltrating an alien city and then stopping a large alien starfish. With so many hilarious moments and simple lines, it’s almost impossible to pick the best. Still, some quotes stand out among the rest.

ten King Shark loves his food

King Shark tries to eat Ratcatcher 2 in Suicide Squad

Despite being voiced by Sylvester Stallone, King Shark is not the world’s greatest talker, let alone a thinker. Her favorite word is ” Last name ! “ what he says before someone eats.

This quickly lets his enemies and the public know what they are up to. King Shark just loves good food, and he won’t let anyone stop him.

9 Harley’s personal motto

Harley wears her jacket in Suicide Squad

Unlike the other quotes on this list, no one is speaking this one out loud. Instead, it’s visible on Harley’s jacket as she attends the mission. The jacket has the words: “Live fast. Die clown.” printed on it.

Anyone who knows the character of Harley Quinn will find that the description fits her perfectly. Harley is not the type to slow down and she likes to have fun more than anyone.

8 The belief of the peacemaker

The Suicide Squad John Cena Peacekeeper

As one of the least likeable members of the team, Peacemaker is constantly in competition with Bloodsport. He is also responsible for the murder of Rick Flag and he nearly murdered Ratcatcher 2. Despite all his bad traits, his quote, “I cherish peace with all my heart. I don’t care how many men, women and children I kill to get it,” is one of the best.

This quote explains in two sentences what the character of Peacemaker is. Additionally, it also gives Ratcatcher 2 the chance to wonder which of its co-members is the most off-balance (spoiler alert: it’s not Harley).

7 Famous last words

Suicide SquadThe R rating of means heroes bleed, swear, and sometimes even end. One of those characters is the Polka Dot-Man. After confronting Starro, whom he considers his giant mother, Polka Dot-Man victoriously yells: “I’m a superhero! I’m a fucking superhero!” He is immediately crushed by Starro the next second, but at least he came out happy with himself.

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The timing is also a surprise to viewers as they don’t expect Polka Dot-Man to die, not right after he finally becomes more confident. This proves that life is not always fair to the members of the Suicide Squad.

6 The best disguise

King Shark puts on a mustache in Suicide Squad

Even though he doesn’t speak much, King Shark easily has some of the funniest jokes in the movie. As the team prepares to infiltrate the city, King Shark doesn’t like the idea that he has to stay in hiding. Instead, he suggests he is going to wear a disguise.

And when Ratcatcher 2 asks him what type of disguise, he takes him out of the park with his brilliant idea: “Big mustache!” He then proceeds to hold his finger to his lip like a mustache. Needless to say, this kind of disguise doesn’t work, and King Shark has to go into hiding anyway.

5 Optimism in action

Members of the Suicide Squad realize that their jobs are dangerous and they are likely to fail. Yet when Bloodsport sighs that they are all going to die, Polka Dot-Man’s sardonic response makes the whole situation hilarious. “I hope so,” he says.

Bloodsport seems to prefer being anywhere else. That’s not what optimism looks like, but given the situation the team find themselves in, Polka Dot-Man’s fatalistic approach makes surprisingly good sense.

4 What is a hand

King Shark shows his hand in Suicide Squad

In one of the funniest moments of the movie, the Suicide Squad attends a mission briefing. When Amanda Waller finishes and asks if anyone has any questions, King Shark raises her hand.

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When Waller tells him to talk he says he has a hand. Waller’s reaction is invaluable: “Yes, it’s your hand. Very good.” It’s easy to imagine Waller talking to his kids that way, and saying it to King Shark makes the exchange even more hilarious.

3 What is a weasel?

The weasel goes on a mission in Suicide Squad

The weasel is by far one of the strangest members of Task Force X that appears in the film. He’s so odd that he even stands out against King Shark. When the team flies off to Corto Maltese, they begin to discuss what exactly the weasel is.

The first theory is that he’s a dog, but then Harley comes into the conversation saying, “Oh my god, are you a werewolf? This freaks out Blackguard: “You stuck me next to a werewolf?” Yo man, let me out! Needless to say, the Weasel is neither a dog nor a werewolf, but even die-hard members of Suicide Squad just aren’t prepared to deal with someone as strange as him.

2 Harley hates personalized license plates

Harley confronts the Thinker in Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn always knows what she likes – and what not. When the team captures the Thinker and forces him to help them, they let him know what not to do if he doesn’t want to die. Harley then adds: “We find out you have personalized license plates, you die!” “

The thinker is understandably confused, but that doesn’t stop Harley from continuing. “If you cough without covering your mouth, you die!” While that doesn’t directly influence the current situation, it’s hard to deny that Harley is right. Coughing without covering your mouth is terribly reckless. And when it comes to custom license plates, well, everyone has a different taste, Harley included.

1 The worst villains are humans

King Shark attacks Starro in Suicide Squad

Even though Starro kills several people, including some of the team, he’s not the worst villain. On the contrary, the real bad guys are those who have experimented on him. As Starro says: “I was happy in space, looking at the stars …”

By taking him out of his natural environment and using him for years, the humans have made Starro the madman the Suicide Squad must stop. In the end, the film not only makes audiences laugh, but also has the power to make them think.

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