Student postcard project spreads positivity at Royal Oldham

Oldham pupils spread joy at the Royal Oldham Hospital by handing out handwritten postcards with a positive message to patients.

Pupils from Crompton House School handed out cards with inspirational quotes, thoughts, poems and jokes to families and children in the pediatrics ward and to patients receiving cancer treatment in the haematology ward.

The cards were given to patients in person with the help of NorthCare Charity, the official charity of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust which runs Royal Oldham.

The handwritten cards are part of Crompton House School’s Write A Smile postcard project, which has seen pupils write and deliver over 500 postcards.

Pupils from local primary schools and residents of nearby care homes have also received cards – as well as students taking their GCSE and A Level exams.

Kaya Read, an 8th grade student and young carer, came up with the idea behind the Write a Smile project after being inspired by her mother who befriended a lonely patient staying on the same ward during a stay at the hospital.

Kaya said, “I want our postcards to be that little thing that makes a huge difference in how someone feels and how their day goes. We will continue to send our messages and put smiles on people’s faces. faces of people to help end loneliness in our school and in the wider community.

“Going to the hospital and giving out our cards was a great experience as we got to see how much the families enjoyed it. I know some of the students studying for the exams also really enjoyed receiving the cards – it nice to spread some positivity.”

Jess Pollard, fundraising manager for NorthCare Charity, said: “It’s amazing how supportive, caring and inspiring the messages the students had written on the WriteaSmile postcards were.

“We had some really special times handing them out to our children and families, who were amazed by the kindness of the students. The young people at Crompton House School should be so proud of the brilliant things they have achieved with this project, and we look forward to working with them in the future, to continue their great work in making a difference.

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