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Bees work so hard. But don’t feel guilty for enjoying their work.

Plant natives to keep the bees busy and consider these options in honey news:

Runamok is famous for maple and now this Vermont company loves honey. My favorite adventures are with peppers and check out these options: Chipotle Morita Infused, Chile de Arbol Infused, and Szechuan Peppercorn Infused.

These title-specific names indicate what you’re getting into, so it’s time to get creative. Roasted nuts, fried chicken and broccoli got my hot and sweet approval.

Visit to learn more.

Honey Tea – A dear friend loves honey in his tea and he freaked out when he saw the Adagiobees raw honey samplers.

From golden hues of Manuka and Rooibos to fruit and herb teas from the garden beckoned. He went straight to the Tupelo. From sweet to earthy, fruity to floral, these bees have worked it.

Just a little honey makes a cup sweeter. Be natural with

Asparagus – Do you have a sprinkle collection? Is it… dated?

As color trends, shapes and expiration dates change, think about what’s on your bites. I saw a fashionable, vending machine-like cupcake dispensary stocking beauties.

You can make your own with help from Wilson and Pastel Egg Sprinkles mix. Just looking at these treasures makes one think of little children posing with baskets. Visit, where he suggests they’re also great for baby shower treats.

Sweet Diane Granola is so good it doesn’t really need all the inspirational quotes on the packaging, but I still love them. “Healthy Eating Happy Life” and “Food is Joy” aren’t so subliminal messages on resealable packages in flavors like Orange Cranberry reminding you that eating healthy isn’t a chore.

If you scooped up your granola from crushed bars from the bottom of your bag, cleanse yourself again with Sweet Diane’s Plant-Based Comfort Foods.

Organic rolled oats, pecans, and maple syrup are the kind of ingredients you’ll find in these bags. Learn more at

A sweet snack saves water – Watermelon seeds, dates, oats, maple syrup and other fruits make Forca Foods Energy Bites stand out. Vegan stuff is eco-friendly and energizing. Keep some in your desk drawer. Visit

Outlaw – If the phrase “plant-based” doesn’t put you in snack mode, switch to “deliciously baked strawberry shortcake.”

The capsule-sized bites are delicious, and if you can stick to the 3-serving suggestion, you’ve got 100 calories of good stuff. This is a limited edition from

Darragh Doiron is a foodie from the Port Arthur area that’s all sweet for spring. Share your dining experiences with her at

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