Sean Payton, Jameis Winston, Terron Armstead, Alvin Kamara Postgame Quotes



New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston

Virtual media availability

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Sean Payton spoke about how successful New England is when it comes to winning the home turnover differential. Can you address this?
“I think Luke (Johnson) is important every week. We know this team, pretty much like ours, were very successful when they won the turnover battle, so we have to making sure we’re on top of that, focusing on ball safety and making good decisions. “

Is it any different with the effort with the coaches you work with here compared to Tampa?
“No, I think all around the league they are preaching that as the first thing a head coach will go to a team and say that in order to win this game we have to win the turnover battle and it starts with taking care of the football and then you can plan and play from that. Every team says the same thing. “

You’ve had some great games in your NFL career and some that you wanted to come back to, what have you learned from that in your career?
“The most important thing is to build on the positives and avoid the same mistakes, not to see the same mistake happening, not to see the same action happening. The main thing is to get out. and compete, but you don’t want to have the same thing happen over the course of a season. “

You’ve been thinking so much about the decision-making all season, what did you think after seeing the movie?
“I think the most important thing is to be more efficient on the first and second downs, not to put yourself in a position of having to make plays at the end of the game where you have to push the ball out. the pitch, understanding just because you’re able to make a play doesn’t necessarily mean you have to. I think it starts with the overall pace of a match, the attack, myself, come out and run. “

What marked you about losing Carolina and how can you move forward?
“The most important thing is to be better on the first and second downs to give us a better percentage chance on the third down. Developing a pace would be the second thing, just to make sure that we consistently stay on good downs and good distances. the ball, running on the third down so we can keep the practices going. The third thing is communication. Making sure everyone gets the call so we can play fast and run at our highest level. “

How much did you watch the movie trying to sort out some of the pass protection issues from last week? Are you sure these issues can be fixed?
“We are. It’s just communication. We just have to master the communication, make sure everyone gets the right call, and make sure I’m back out there building everything so that everything. the world is aligned and sliding in the right direction. I have confidence in our offensive line because we have the best offensive line in the NFL and secondly, I have confidence in myself to be able to effectively handle this process (of communication) with these guys so we can get the protections where they need to be.

When you were choosing where to sign as a free agent, part of the reason you chose New Orleans was because Sean Payton had been here for a long time. Bill Belichick has been in New England for a long time. From a player’s perspective, when you see a coach in the same place for so long, what level of respect does that bring to someone who has been in the same place for 15-20 years?
“I think the respect I have for this game in general, not only when you have a head coach who has been doing this for a long time, not just as a head coach, but as a coordinator in this league since long, you respect the value they bring to the game. Ultimately, knowing the players he coached (Sean Payton), the winning culture and winning the Super Bowl. You respect everyone who helped to pave the way for the game to evolve back to the way it is now. You don’t take that for granted. You still have to compete with these guys. I always had to compete against these guys; I have it. done when I was in Tampa Bay having to play against Sean twice a year. So you still have to have the winning mindset to compete, but you still respect and value who they are as people (Payton and Belichick ) and their careers. “

This team always seems to be the one who bounces back from a loss. How do you change after losing compared to the week after winning?
“You just have to trust the process. You clean up the mistakes and build on the positives. That’s the bottom line. This team, we’re a winning team. We know how to win. We’re resilient and we’re gonna be. (resilient). We just need to perform better and get the job done. “

You mentioned the possibility of changing the way you communicate during games. How will your role change in communication during games in the future?
“Just have a little more control. Just make sure everyone can hear me clearly and cleanly so we can play a little faster.”


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