Scott Boras’ 12 Best Quotes From MLB GM Meetings



CARLSBAD, CA. –Major League Baseball super agent Scott Boras was the star of the show at the GM meetings on Wednesday. The man who loves being in the spotlight grabbed the microphone and started playing all the hits while advocating for his free agent clients and the changes Major League Baseball should make to their game to accommodate them.

Boras spoke to reporters for about an hour in a scrimmage that was half focused on baseball’s lack of competitiveness, with the rest reserved for his comedian act. Here are some of Boras’ best quotes from a memorable afternoon at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa:

“For me, Bryant, he’s tall. He’s a bit like Major League Baseball’s Sean Connery… The versatility of position makes him untouchable. He has Bond-like abilities to create a great midrange. He’s still Red Hot in the hunt in October. He’s an extraordinary gentleman in a league of his own. Bryant has many roles, and they are all successes. – On free agent Kris Bryant

“Conforto was sort of the king of diamonds, Little League World Series. World University Series. And as the Met he’s been a star, he’s been a pennant, he’s been huge in the World Series. He’s basically become the King of Queens and in free agency now he’s the ace of hearts for many GMs. – On free agent Michael Conforto

“Well, there are 29 teams that have their big carts out there, and they fill them up… Maybe look at the old saying. What turns the Big Apple basket upside down? And it may be rather unattended at the moment. I’m sure it will be there, and we know that in our malls we are very welcoming to the Big Apple Cart. “- On the vacancy of the post of general manager of Mets.

“In Marcus’ case, he’s laying a charge on the batter’s bench. It isolates the middle of the infield. So, he’s really a modern day Semien conductor, and we all know there’s a shortage of chips in the world, so you can imagine the people coming. – On free agent Marcus Semien

“The Seagers are used to being on big stages and they have a lot of hits. You can think of all those Hollywood nights and playoff MVPs. Oh yeah … I think when you go through all of this, you think to yourself, homers against the wind, and frankly, he’s a guy everyone knows. He is like a rock. – On free agent Corey Seager

“When you think of carving a throwing stick and you’re a thoughtful man, the target, without a doubt, is Rodon.” – On free agent Carlos Rodon

“The teams that pursue a championship, they certainly do not pursue the minimum. They go straight to the Max. – On free agent Max Scherzer

“Basically what we’ve seen happen is, in a lot of ways, that the integrity of a season is being eroded because of a rule change that came in in 2012 that capped the draft. When that was done, it created an incentive to race down because now we have half of the major league teams, at some point in the season, not being competitive, swapping their players, making the game and season very different than it was meant to be, and that was having an incentive to win every game you play. – On the state of competitiveness in MLB

“We saw the championship in 60 days, the Atlanta Braves. It’s not the fault of a team that doesn’t look at the current rules and say we have to do our best to make sure our team benefits. It’s not about the Atlanta Braves, their GM, or their owner. It’s really about the rules and the rules allowed them to be a under .500 team on August 1 and add four players, five players, from teams that didn’t want to compete anymore, and for very little. fees, to change their entire team and season. ” – On the loading of the Braves at the trade deadline

“We saw this unfold to the detriment of teams who created extensive spending planning and intelligence and won over 100 games. By doing all of this, we’ve now understood that a fan wouldn’t know who the real team is until frankly, the negotiation deadline. –Learn more about the Braves

“It’s the Easter bunny delivering rotten eggs.” – On the lack of teams trying to win.

“The talent is the steak, and I don’t care about the dinner time.” – On whether he was concerned about a lockout pushing all transactions into a condensed time frame next spring.


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