Sant Ravidas Jayanti 2022 Inspirational Quotes Sayings Guru Ravidas 645th Birthday

New Delhi: Guru Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on February 16 across the country as he was born on Magha Purnima (full moon day of the month of Magh) according to the Hindu calendar. He was born in 1377 CE at Manduadih in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Guru Ravidas was an Indian mystic, poet, social reformer and spiritual guru.

He made many contributions to the Bhakti movement through his spiritual teachings, verses, songs. He also wrote 40 poems in the Adi Granth, which is the sacred scripture of Sikhism. On this day, a large number of followers of Sant Ravidas gather in his hometown and perform Bhajan Kirtan.

His parents were tanners. Sant Ravidas was a very religious person, he later adopted his ancestral work to earn a living but remained very religious.

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Inspirational quotes from Guru Ravidas:

  • A person is not big or small by his status or his birth, he is weighed by his virtues or his deeds.
  • They say we all think the world is everything, but that’s not true. God is the only truth.
  • God dwells in those hearts in which there is no hatred towards anyone, there is no greed or wickedness.
  • Sant Ravidas said not to be proud. Do not despise others. You can’t do the same job they are able to do.
  • This experience is such,

    that it defies description.

    I met the Lord,

    Who can hurt me?

    Hari in all, all in Hari –

    For one who knows Hari and the sense of self,

    no other testimony is necessary:

    the knower is absorbed.

  • Moh-maaya mein phansa jeev bhatakata rahata hai. Iss maaya ko banaane vaala hee muktee data hai.

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