Samantha Ruth Prabhu shares inspirational quote on the pursuit of happiness | News of the film in Telugu



After separating from her husband, Samantha Ruth Prabhu often shares quotes about life on her Instagram account. On Tuesday, the “Oh Baby” actress shared a quote on Instagram stories about happiness, being happy to help you find joy and satisfaction in life rather than “building an empire.”

The quote read: ‘What if you didn’t have to build an empire? Or dominate an industry? Or be number one at anything? What if you just built a beautiful life that makes you happy, that brings you joy, that is generous and supportive? What if you healed the parts of you that need it more and more? What if you redefine what success looks like to you? What if you decide enough is enough? What if you feel satisfied here now? What if you realized that your life is probably much closer to your ideal than you think? What if changing the filter in which you visualize your life made everything even more vibrant? How much empty space would there be left for your joy if you stopped thinking you had to earn it? How much time could you spend in the real life of your life if you gave up your efforts for more? How much more beautiful this moment, right here, would it become for you ”

Recently, Samantha urged parents to make their daughter capable enough to live her life in her own way and tackle problems in her own way. She wrote: ‘Make your daughters so capable that you don’t have to worry about who will marry her. Instead of saving money for her wedding, spend it on her studies and, most importantly, instead of preparing her for the wedding, prepare her for herself. Teach her self-esteem, self-confidence and that she can punch someone if she needs to (Sic). ”

Professionally, Samantha would play an important role in “Dasara” by Nani and Keerthy Suresh. She has been approached to star in a Bollywood film which will be funded by none other than actress Taapsee Pannu. She has signed two bilingual films focused on women, which will soon be released on the parquet floors.


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