Ryan Griffin’s’ dynamic duo ‘quote sums up the Jets’ sad narrow room


Batman and Robin. Simon and Garfunkel. Ben and Jerry.

These are just a few examples that immediately spring to mind when thinking of iconic pairs. But it would take a long time for any Jet to put together such a list, especially New York’s latest tight ends.

But the Jets have a deadly dyad at the job … according to a team member who plays there. Just ask Ryan Griffin, who thinks he and Trevon Wesco offer a menacing tandem on the tight end.

“When we’re on the pitch at the same time I think we’re a dynamic duo, if you can put that together,” Griffin noted Wednesday.

The reality is Griffin and Wesco have combined 27 catches, 238 yards and two touchdowns this season. Griffin accounted for 25 of those catches, 222 yards and both scores, and it was half a season before he began to make any notable contributions.

Griffin wasn’t asked about his and Wesco’s pass-detection abilities, but rather their blocking. Except neither player ranks particularly well in that department, and Wesco offers so little as a receiver that the Jets converted him to fullback. No matter how you cut it, Griffin’s quote has little merit, and it shows how sorry the Jets’ predicament has been this season and in years past.

Tyler Kroft is the only other tight end on the team with a catch this season. He had 10 receptions for 104 yards and one touchdown in six games before injuring his chest. He resumed training on Wednesday. Wesco, meanwhile, returned after a two-game absence with an ankle injury.

But New York doesn’t really miss their tight ends when they’re gone, as they don’t deliver much when they’re on the pitch. At least the Jets sometimes try to involve their tight ends now; Griffin and Chris Herndon rarely saw targets last season under Adam Gase.

The problem is, the current tight ends of the Jets just aren’t good enough for how often they’re used. It has been for years, although the talent in the post would have provided much-needed safety cover for young quarterbacks Sam Darnold and Zach Wilson.

The Jets must correct this error continuing this offseason, whether through the draft or free agency. They don’t need a dynamic duo at the tight end, but a A capable player at the position would go a long way.


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