Rohit Sharma’s famous quotes give instant motivation to work hard

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Double centuries are a specialty of Rohit Sharma. He hit six and is loved by his fans for his prowess on the field. What kind of impact does he have with his words? Let’s see how powerful these Hitman quotes are. “If you want to maintain the standards, there is no alternative to hard work, no matter how talented or naturally gifted you are.”

When it comes to making history, standards must be met. Talent can be innate or acquired over time. Hard work is an additional feature on top of the overall standard sketch. “You have to understand that you need something to achieve, something to motivate you.”

Something has to drive us crazy, something has to work as a pull factor because if we have driving factors in our lives and we’re willing to do anything to get them, success is bound to happen. “In cricket, nothing is easy. It may seem simple when you see it on TV. However, this is not the case.

You have to use your intellect to time the ball. On television, cricket appears to be simple, but it is not, as cricketers are expected to think quickly and play with maturity. It’s no joke to represent our country. We must recognize the seriousness of the situation.

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