Religious Quotes and News – July 24, 2022

On a “penitential pilgrimage”

Andrea Tornielli, editorial director of the Department for Communication, wrote in Vatican News on what the Pope meant when he described his July 24-30 apostolic trip to Canada as a “penitential pilgrimage”:

“The key to understanding the papal journey lies in the penitential attitude that will characterize its strong moments. It is the same attitude that Benedict XVI suggested in 2010 in the face of the child abuse scandal; the same that Saint John Paul II proposed during the Jubilee of 2000 for the “purification of memory”, when he asked for “an act of courage and humility in recognizing the wrongs committed by those who have carried or carry the name of Christian”. ”

Digital media, ethical issues

In a message to the annual world congress of the lay communication network SIGNIS in Seoul, Pope Francis, while agreeing that modern means of communication can be “a powerful means of fostering communion and dialogue”, warns that they can also become “places of toxicity, hate speech and fake news”.

He added: “The use of social media has raised a number of serious ethical issues that call for wise and informed judgment on the part of communicators, and all who care about the authenticity and quality of relationships. human”.

Opinions of American Catholic voters

A survey of US Catholic voters found only 53% said they would not support a candidate who favors taxpayer-funded abortions. 74% would support candidates who would increase border security. They are also split 53% to 45% in favor of Biden. Only 33% attend Mass every week, 35% never go to confession and only 50% believe that Jesus is present in the Eucharist.

The poll was conducted by the EWTN Network and Real Clear Opinion Research.

(Compiled by Father Joe Borg)

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