Religious Quotes and News – February 6, 2022

seek the truth

Speaking to the International Catholic Media Consortium “Catholic fact-checking,” Pope Francis said: “We cannot but see that these days, in addition to the pandemic, an ‘infodemic’ is spreading: a Fear-based distortion of reality, which in our global society leads to an explosion of commentary on falsified and even fabricated information. May we never tire of verifying data, presenting it appropriately, continuing our search for truth. This research cannot yield to a commercial vision, to the interests of the powerful, to major economic interests. To be together for the truth is also to seek an antidote to the algorithms projected to maximize commercial profit; it means working to promote an informed, just, healthy and sustainable society. Without ethical correction, these instruments generate pockets of extremism and lead individuals to dangerous forms of radicalization – and that is the conflict.

On the payment of tax

In a meeting with officials from Italy’s revenue agency, the pope said: “[Taxation] must promote the redistribution of wealth, safeguarding the dignity of the poor and the smallest, who are always at risk of being trampled on by the powerful. Taxation, when fair, promotes the common good.

“Transparency in the management of money, which comes from the sacrifices of many workers, reveals freedom of spirit and teaches people to be more motivated to pay their taxes, especially if tax revenues contribute to overcoming inequalities, to investing to create jobs, ensuring good health care and schooling, and creating infrastructure that facilitates social and economic life.

limitless love

During his Angelus address last Sunday, the Pope said: “Faced with our closures, he does not withdraw: he does not curb his love. Faced with our closures, it is moving forward. And today, he also invites us to believe in good, to spare no effort to do good.

(Compiled by Father Joe Borg)

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