Quotes on Bret Bielema’s press conference



Bret Bielema spoke to the media ahead of the Illinois Homecoming game against Wisconsin.

Bielema Quotes

On what he learned mid-season …
“The only thing I have learned about our team, our team is [that] they care. They are motivated to win and they are very coachable. I think I’ve learned over the past two weeks that they want this program to have lasting success even after they’re gone. “

On what he sees on tape …
“Paul and I were together six of my seven years there [at Wisconsin]. There are comparisons, but there are also a lot of differences. The core value of run-play action is very similar to where we were, but there are also a lot of unique new things that appear when we watch them on tape. “

On Wisconsin’s # 1 tip defense …
“The stats are great, it’s a good thing to benchmark, but the key ingredient is what worked on Saturday [vs. Charlotte]. What we did on Saturday is what our attack is going to be heavily dedicated to this week. ”

At Vederian Lowe
“Vederian has been very impressive to me from day one. He just played his most complete game on Saturday. I think when the game had to be resumed he did. The guys who were asked to take the relay in these great moments have done it. … He is already a professional. If the world were full of more Vederian Lowes the world would be a much better place. “

On potentially securing a 100th career win over Wisconsin …
“I understand the importance of this. I understand, but when Coach Bielema scores his 100th win, that’s when we deserve to win.”


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