Quotes of the week: August 6 – Salisbury Post



“You can choose not to be vaccinated, but know that COVID-19 can choose you,” he said.

– Anthony Davis, Chief Operating Officer of Livingstone College, on the college’s requirement that students and staff receive the COVID-19 vaccine

“This forklift feeds people.”

– Stephen Bullock, President of Power Curbers, on the purchase of a new forklift truck from Rowan Helping Ministries.

“Cities and towns are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to determining infrastructure needs and then making it easier to meet those needs. “

– The Mayor of Salisbury, Karen Alexander

“He’s a leader, a captain, one of the best humans you’ll find. It’s huge for us to have Noah’s experience. In the second year, we asked him not to lose any games. As a junior we saw him go there and win some for us. As a senior, he should light up the stats sheet and be one of the best players in the county. “

–West Rowan High football coach Louis Kraft, who spoke about his team’s quarterback Noah Loeblein.

“” I will tell you the most important things you need to know about me. And it is that I was brought up in a military, believing, Christian, conservative and believing family. “

– April Wood, who won the 2020 North Carolina Court of Appeals election and is running for the North Carolina Supreme Court

“I am committed to leading with integrity to fulfill the mission of educating all of our students in a safe, healthy, joyful and caring environment.”

– Tony Watlington, RSS superintendent in a back-to-school opinion column published Tuesday

“I was called to do this job. It is very rewarding to make sure that our students and children in the community are taken care of.

– Lisa Altmann, Director of Nutrition for Rowan-Salisbury Schools

“Collaboration is the key here.”

– Sharon Hovis, Alderman for Spencer and former East Spencer Police Chief, speaking at a National Night Out event hosted by the two cities.

“My goal is to get bigger, faster and stronger over the next three years and hopefully I can put myself in a position to be drafted again (in 2024)”

– Vance Honeycutt, who is heading to the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill to play baseball and was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in this year’s draft.


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