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Presenter: The Legend of Ron Bourgogne is a masterclass in improvisation, as much of the dialogue has been adlibrated by its actors. There was so much improvisation that there is even an alternate version, Awake, Ron Bourgogne: The Lost Movie, which is made up of the same scenes with completely different lines of dialogue.

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While all of the cast have done an incredible job keeping up with rapid-fire improvisation master Will Ferrell, no one in the film is more quoted than the presenter himself, Ron Bourgogne. Even the rest, Presenter 2: The Legend Continues, is full of Ron’s memorable lines, though that doesn’t quite touch on the magic of the original.


Ron gives Brick legal advice

“You should find yourself a safe house or a relative nearby. Keep a low profile for a while because you are probably wanted for murder.”

Presenter fight

Presenter is one of Will Ferrell’s best movies, and while it is the gold standard for comedic improv, it still packs some amazing sets and action sequences. In the middle of the movie, all the anchors of different chains are fighting with a wide variety of weapons.

What follows is a hilarious debriefing of the battle in Ron’s office, where they talk about Brick getting his hands on a grenade and stabbing someone with a trident. It is at this point that Ron gives some of the most insightful advice he has ever given. But what makes it so funny is how cavalier Ron and the rest of the Anchors are that The Brick directly murdered someone.

Ron introducing himself to Veronica

“I’m a bit of a big deal. People know me.”

Veronica Corningstone in white jumpsuit with Ron Burgundy at a party in Anchorman

While everyone who worked on the news channel was so bewildered by a woman in such a senior role in the network, that didn’t stop them from flirting with her in a frightening way. Most of the humor in Presenter comes from the fact that Ron thinks he’s a lot more charming than he actually is, and that’s well on display here.

When Ron first meets Veronica Corningstone, he immediately attempts to use his status to seduce her, and this is made funnier by the fact that he fails miserably. The quote doesn’t end there either, for he continues, “I’m very important. I have a lot of leather-bound books and my apartment smells like rich mahogany,” as if he genuinely thought that this line of pickup would never work on anyone.

Ron talks to his son about his future

“He has hair on his heads. He’s old enough to hear that.”

Ron talks with Walter in Anchorman 2

Presenter 2: The Legend Continues strengthened the relationship between Ron and Veronica. Now divorced but with a child, mother and father clearly have two very opposite ideas about how to raise their six-year-old son, Walter.

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The quote comes when Veronica gets angry with Ron for essentially telling Walter that he will never represent anything and that if he is lucky he will work in the adult film industry. While the sequel isn’t as celebrated as the original, the way Ron shamelessly exclaims at a six-year-old is classic. Presenter the comedy.

“The Human Torch has been denied a bank loan.”


The vocal warm-ups in both films are some of the best moments of the Presenter series, and in these short scenes only, there are enough iconic quotes to fill a list. Between “The garden gnome had a normal-sized penis” and “They’re coming in through the back door!” Catch the kids! Save the children! It’s a pleasure to see Ron preparing to eloquently read the teleprompter.

But most memorable of all and one that has been cited endlessly for nearly 20 years is “The Human Torch Has Been Denied a Bank Loan”. And oddly enough, it predicted the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although not the Human Torch, the Falcon was denied a bank loan in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Ron fights with Veronica

“You are a stinky pirate prostitute!”

Ron Bourgogne presenter

The thread throughout the first Presenter is misogyny, and the most obvious example of this is the very public fight Ron and Veronica have in the middle of the office. After Ron exclaims that women have brains one-third the size of men and claims that this is “science,” his colleagues begin to switch sides.

Hanging on to the straw and having nothing more to say, Ron is desperate to have one last insult in this. He resorts to childish insults on the playground and sluts shame, with the most famous “smelly pirate prostitute” of the lot.

Ron tries to communicate with Baxter

“You know I don’t speak Spanish.”

Although the public thought they saw the end of Baxter when he was literally thrown off a bridge, this little cut Border Terrier was the source of so many jokes up to this point. There are many instances where Ron speaks with Baxter as if the dog’s barking translates to English and Ron can understand it.

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This is another neat way to let Ferrell do whatever he wants, as he can interpret the dog’s barking as saying anything. In one screenplay, according to Ron, Baxter starts barking in Spanish, and it’s the most haphazard line of dialogue that’s sort of part of the main movie.

Ron plays the jazz flute

“I’m really not prepared at all.”

Ron Burgundy playing the transverse flute

Ron Burgundy is a man of many talents, and one that pops up almost out of nowhere is his ability to play the jazz flute. It’s a hilarious scene that sees Ron playing the flute in incredibly awkward situations, as he walks over tables and even rolls under a toilet stall.

But what led to this moment is one of the best visual gags from the first film. When forced to give an impromptu performance by a nightclub owner, Ron explains that he is embarrassed and unprepared to pull a flute one foot from his jacket sleeve.

Ron’s Approval Line

“You stay chic, San Diego.”

Will Ferrell as Ron Bourgogne

the years 2004 Presenter is now a classic, and no classic is without an iconic slogan that everyone knows, even if they haven’t seen the movie.

Every news anchor has a final signature line, and in Ron Burgundy ‘s case, it’s “You stay chic, San Diego.” It’s one of the most iconic comic slogans of all time. And since Ron always has to have the last laugh, it’s even funnier when co-host Veronica adds “… and thanks for dropping by”, because it leads to another hilarious battle of the sexes.

Ron feels all the sensations

“I am in a showcase of emotion! “

Ron Bourgogne in a showcase of emotion

Presenter is a great low-key drama with a lesson in life that anyone can learn from, which can happen when fame absorbs a person’s whole being. They get too big for their boots, get too divas, and start rubbing people the wrong way, and in Ron Burgundy’s case, that has led to his downward spiral.

It comes down perfectly when Ron is in a phone booth and yells that he’s in a showcase of emotion when nothing is going on for him. Not only is it absurd and hilarious, but given that everyone feels like the world is against them at least once, it’s also oddly relatable.

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