Postgame Quotes – UNC Asheville


Chattanooga Men’s Basketball

December 8 – at UNC Asheville – Kimmel Arena

Post-match quotes

Lamont Paris, The head coach
Comprehensive statement after the 78-73 victory at UNC Asheville.

“It’s another win on the road. It’s one of the hardest things to do in sport, to win a road game in men’s college basketball. We will take it. We had players who had to do it. weren’t their best. It wasn’t just shooting it was overall. We found enough. They got away in the second half and we have to figure out what we’re doing defensively. I don’t know what that it is, but we have to find out. “

On the depth of the team.

“That’s the nature of it all. When you have quality depth like we have, you can resist a lot. You have options. It was important to us that we have options. did a pretty good job of shooting the bullet three, but it wasn’t David [Jean-Baptiste] tonight it was AJ Caldwell. We have a ton of options. “

On the game of Malachi smith.

“It’s a good combination of shooting and playing. Some guys are good at one but not the other, he has a rare combination that he can do both. We’re lucky he either on our side, he’s a good boy and we’re so glad to have him, we needed him tonight.

AJ Caldwell, Jr.-G
Continue 5 to 5 from the back of the first half.

“It was really good, it was great. It was nice to see the ball come in when it came off the rim and we did a good job defensively so it was a good half all around.”

On the adversity of the second half.

“Yeah, I think all of that is beneficial. We obviously don’t want that to happen, but you need it often. You look around and see guys like David, Malachi, KC, Silvio, DB… they’re all used to these situations. It’s nice to go through adversity at the start of the season. It was nice to see the rally and make some plays at the end. “

On the maturity of the team.

“It’s a different dynamic. We’ve got a lot of alumni and guys and we’ve been there. We know how things are. A lot of us haven’t cut the net at the end of the season and it’s a common goal. We all know we are important to this team and we don’t want to compromise anything. We try to maintain that solid reputation and build on who we are. “

Avery diggs, Gr.-F
Coming to a program like Chattanooga.

“It was important. I’ve been in school for five years now and we have an older team now and we know we’re all going to do something after basketball is over.”

On the effort of the second half.

“We tend to slack off in this second half. It was nice to see us rally and push back to take the lead and make plays in the home stretch.”

On the winning road games.

“It’s very important, especially winning these away games. It’s the hardest thing to do is win on the road. If we keep it that way, we’ll be good later in the year.”


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