PG&E Encourages Eligible Customers to Enroll in Monthly Energy Savings Program

Thousands of income-eligible customers could save 18% on their monthly electric bill by enrolling in Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) Family Electricity Rate Assistance (FERA) program.

The FERA program provides discounts on electricity bills to households of three or more people, but thousands of eligible customers have not yet signed up for the program and are missing out on significant savings.

PG&E estimates that a total of 134,312 households in northern and central California could save on their monthly bills by signing up for FERA.

“PG&E continues to partner with agencies in our hometowns to reach eligible customers as the FERA program remains underutilized. We hope the remaining eligible customers will learn more about the program and apply today,” said Aaron August, vice president of business development and customer engagement at PG&E.

Less than 25% of PG&E-eligible households are currently enrolled in the program in northern and central California, with approximately 174,219 eligible and only 39,907 enrolled.

Some may overlook FERA thinking it only applies to families, or that the income criteria are the same as a similar monthly energy rebate program: California Alternate Rates for Energy Program (CARE) . In fact, any income-qualified household that is not eligible for CARE may be eligible for FERA because they have higher income guidelines.

Clients who apply for CARE and do not qualify are automatically assessed for FERA. Clients cannot be enrolled in both programs. CARE offers a higher monthly discount of 20% or more on gas and electricity.

FERA applications can be found online or visit a local community agency located throughout PG&E’s service area to pick up a paper application. Application can be easy and only takes about five minutes. Eligible customers begin receiving the FERA program discount on their next billing cycle once their application is approved.

Customers who meet the income requirements for FERA and CARE may also qualify for the Energy Savings Assistance Program offering free energy saving upgrades to maximize home energy efficiency. With recent changes to federal income guidelines, even more customers are eligible.

Each year, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) adjusts the maximum income levels eligible for FERA to reflect changes in federal poverty guidelines. FERA is financed by a tariff supplement paid by all utility customers.

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