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The BBC’s hit show Peaky Blinders is full of great characters that fans love, from one of the Shelby brothers to one of the many antagonists who come out to try and hijack the power of Tommy Shelby. Few characters are as loved or as iconic as Alfie Solomons, who provides so many hilarious and brilliant moments and quotes in the series.

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Aided by excellent writing and Tom Hardy, who delivers as in all of his movies and shows, the character has some of the best lines of Peaky Blinders. From hilarious jokes to deadly serious moments of wisdom, the character is full of interesting quotes.

ten “Fill it up, F *** Off.”

Alfie Solomons gives Small Heath's Tommy Shelby workforce worksheets to work in his Peaky Blinders bakery

There’s something about Alfie Solomons that makes the character so incredibly funny, even when it seems unintentional. Tom Hardy’s delivery and performance contribute enormously to this. He’s an incredible comedic relief, helping to make him a fan favorite character.

One of those comedic moments comes in the character’s second episode as he signs on Tommy Shelby’s newly hired workforce for jobs at his bakery. He hands them their leaflet and each of the men casually slips: “Fill it, fuck.” The character elevates what looks like an initially mundane scene to a fun scene that ironically displays Alfie’s pragmatic presence.

9 “Arthur. Arthur. Shalom, Arthur, Shalom.”

Alfie Solomons reunites with Arthur Shelby trying to get away from him, since the last time they met Alfie almost killed him in Peaky Blinders

A little trendy in Peaky Blinders Alfie betrays Tommy, and the two end up reconciling for some business reason or another. At the very least, it helps Alfie keep the audience entertained.

This includes the moment Alfie tied Arthur up and accused him of the Billy Kitchen murder, which Alfie just shot in the head. When Tommy and Alfie put on makeup, Arthur is forced to track down Alfie, and the shock and fear on Arthur’s face is hilarious as he tries to leave the room quickly. Alfie’s laid-back greeting from “Shalom” to Brother Shelby makes it an even more remarkable scene, as he acts like he never nearly got Arthur killed.

8 “Life is so much easier to manage when you’re dead.”

Tom Hardy as Alfie Solomons in Peaky Blinders Season 5 on Netflix

At the end of Season 4, having once again betrayed Tommy and nearly had everyone killed at the hands of the Changrettas, Alfie Solomons finds himself in Margate, where he is met by Tommy, who shoots him in the face.

At this point, his fate was unknown, although he appeared to be dead. Then, at the end of season 5, Alfie Solomons is resurrected and exclaims that life is easier that way and that he is enjoying his life in Margate. He argues that watching ships is less stressful than murdering MPs, which is ambitious and overzealous, even by Tommy’s standards. The whole scene in between is great, and this quote promises great things if Alfie does come to life publicly.

7 “Tommy, when AP ** ey comes in, with hair like that, you must be wondering if I made a mistake.”

Alfie Solomons is introduced to Aberama Gold and his son by Tommy Shelby before their fighters box in Peaky Blinders

Some of Alfie’s best scenes come when he meets characters other than Tommy Shelby. The fact that he’s not afraid of everyone he meets, combined with being a bit of a cowardly gun, makes him hilarious when he meets other key characters.

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One of those funny encounters came when Tommy introduced Alfie and his fighter to Aberama Gold and his son. This insulting quote is hilarious. Alfie certainly wasn’t the first to notice Aberama’s hair after all. The ensuing conversation of Aberama asking who exactly Alfie is is also excellent, especially with the “Who am I?” from Alfie.

6 “I know what I know, you know? If you don’t know, then you don’t know, do you?”

Alfie Solomons and Darby Sabini try to strike a deal so they can deal with Tommy Shelby and end their war on Peaky Blinders

Alfie Solomons, as a distiller and liquor distributor, is in London and at war with fellow crime boss Darby Sabini at the time of season 2 of the show, and the two ultimately have a reunion regarding the peace between them. and the war against the Peaky Blinders.

Sabini asks Solomons if he was aware of various things related to the Peaky Blinders’ actions in London, eliciting this fantastic and impatient response from the clever but slightly deranged Solomons. Alfie’s continued impatience with Sabini is great, and this is one of the best scenes of the character in Season 2.

5 “He was a fucking Bible companion.”

Peaky Blinders has a handful of iconic quotes beloved and constantly remembered by fans of the series, such as “By Order of the Peaky f *** in ‘Blinders”. and “I almost had, fucking everything.”

Alfie has a few quotes like this, including one from an interview with Tommy. Alfie describes taking a nail and hammering it right up to someone’s nose and exclaims that “He was a fucking biblical companion.” one of the best, funniest, and most memorable lines in the series to date.

4 “Okay, well, you’ll have to add another ton to your bill to be AC ​​*** Mate. Okay?”

Alfie Solomons meets Luca Changretta and the two make a deal for Alfie to distribute rum in America in exchange for Luca's access to Tommy in Peaky Blinders

Another classic character encounter scene in Peaky Blinders arrives when Alfie meets Season 4 antagonist Luca Changretta, the catalyst for Alfie’s latest betrayal of Tommy which prompted Tommy to shoot Alfie in the face.

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At this meeting, although surrounded by Italians, Alfie is steadfast and fearless, insulting and mocking Luca happily. When Luca insults the Jewish people, Tommy adds “another ton” to his bill to help him reach Tommy. It’s a hilarious moment that highlights Alfie’s fearlessness, which is further demonstrated when he calls Luca a “w * p” and adds more to his bill.

3 “Intelligence is a very precious thing, Innit, my friend? And it usually comes much too late.”

Alfie Solomons and Tommy Shelby talk about Alfie's war with Sabini and ways to win it in Peaky Blinders

Alfie Solomons’ debut in the second episode of Peaky Blinders’ the second season is fantastic, with early scenes meeting Tommy, proving just how great the character would be a addition to the series.

As Tommy tries to convince Alfie to allow his men to aid him in his war against Sabini, Alfie makes this point on intelligence and shoots a gun at the Shelby, which clearly scares him. The whole scene is fantastic, elevating that quote even more, as it’s already great wisdom from Alfie, brilliantly delivered by Tom Hardy.

2 “He will wake up. Sure, he won’t have any more teeth, but he’ll be a wiser man for that.”

Alfie can bring great comedic relief to the show with his quirky and eclectic personality, but he’s also a threat. He’s both vicious when he wants to be and one of the smartest characters on the show, so much so that he can threaten even Tommy.

One of the best demonstrations of this is when he gives a speech in front of Tommy’s men who have come to work for him. One of the men makes a joke that prompts Alfie to walk over to the man and hit the person next to him with a cane, passing this wisdom quote on to the Joker. Alfie starts yelling at the rest of the men, and they really seem to fear him.

1 “… What fucking line am I supposed to have crossed?! …”

Tommy and Alfie fight over Alfie's role in Father Hughes' kidnapping of Tommy's son in Peaky Blinders

Tommy Shelby is the main character of Peaky Blinders and thus becomes prominent in most of the iconic scenes of the series, such as his imminent death at the end of season 2, “No fucking fight”, and that scene which is stolen by Alfie.

Tommy confronts Alfie and plans to kill him for his role in Father Hughes’ kidnapping of Charlie Shelby. Alfie then lets out perhaps the best monologue in the series with a range of emotions that really showcases fantastic writing as well as incredible acting. The way Alfie berates Tommy for his hypocrisy genuinely makes the audience question whether or not Tommy is justified in his anger at Alfie.

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