NY Mets Pete Alonso makes home run derby history



New York Mets hit first baseman Pete Alonso did not disappoint as he showed his power in the 2021 home racing derby.

Winning the last home run derby in 2019 and none happened last season, Alonso was ready to defend his title in a deep and talented field. Along with other rising stars such as two-way street player Shohei Ohtani, division rival Juan Soto, slugger Joey Gallo, hometown favorite Trevor Story and others, Pete had his work cut out for him. .

Alonso didn’t seem to mind stacking the roster card for the derby as he continued to crush his competition and make him look easy in the process.

If Alonso wasn’t already, he definitely established himself as a Mets legend after making history in the derby.

Alonso set the record for most home runs in the first round of a derby when he hit 35 long balls, beating Royals wide receiver Salvador Perez. To put into perspective how dominant Alonso really was, Perez would have beaten all of the other contenders if he had faced them instead of Alonso and he lost anyway.

After putting on an absolute show in the first round, Alonso was interviewed as Perez hit and was quoted as saying “I’m the bar, I’m the switchboard” when asked to go first after hitting the second. at each turn two years ago. You have to really like the confidence that a man has because he is able to support it.

He then beat division rival Juan Soto in the semifinals and advanced to the final to face Baltimore Orioles slugger Trey Mancini.

Mancini went first and impressed with 22 home runs, but Pete was too locked up on the night and edged him out for the win.

With Alonso winning the derby again, he became one of four players to win multiple home run derbies, and one of three to win back-to-back derbies, joining Yoenis Cespedes and Ken Griffey Jr.

By winning the derby, Alonso is also rewarded with $ 1million, and what I find absolutely mind-boggling is that he has now done more home run derbies than his actual playing career.

Alonso continued to have legendary quotes throughout the night. After talking about being the bar and being the norm after his first round, his post-derby interview was just as great.

He said after his win he felt like one of the best to do it (the home run derby). Asked about defending his title and his ranking, he replied that he had never been afraid of losing. He said that despite being the fifth seed as the previous champion, he didn’t care because he was going to win anyway. Another amazing quote from him was that he said he thought he was the best powerful hitter on the planet. I must say that it is difficult to argue with him after the show he put on.

Aside from making derby history at home, I think Alonso had some of the best quotes we’ll hear from a player in a moment. It’s impossible not to love him, a ton of confidence while supporting him with his game, but also humble and down to earth.

With a few legendary quotes, writing his name in the history books and joining an elite company, it can be said that this will be a derby to remember for both Polar Bear and Mets fans.

What did you think of Alonso’s historic performance in the home run derby?


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