Myles Garrett quotes are so disturbing



The Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns met in a very uncompetitive game Sunday afternoon. It was a game where the Browns seemed to be playing in a different league than the Bears.

Matt Nagy had the worst coaching performance of his career, which led to an epic failure for Justin Fields on his first NFL start. It was so clear that the Browns were smarter and better in all things football.

The Bears offense was a shame. They had 47 total attacking yards and one of them came through. The defense was good for most of the game, but they were gassed in the end. Matt Nagy did nothing to help Fields succeed. The offensive line is atrocious but it wasn’t enough for Nagy to get Fields moving.

After the game, even the Cleveland Browns were surprised at how bad the Bears were on offense. Myles Garrett gave a few quotes that are so concerning in terms of where the bears are. They don’t even scare their opponents. Every offensive play was something the Browns knew they could handle and that’s a big deal.

Matt Nagy is the Chicago Bears’ biggest problem right now.

That conversation Mike Florio mentioned on NBC last night is making the Bears terrible. Garrett and his teammates were surprised at Nagy’s ineffectiveness in calling the games. He’s a player from all over the world who says that, so football is easier on him than most, but he set a Browns franchise record with 4.5 sacks. Football shouldn’t come this easy for him or for someone else.

Trashing fields 9 times is a huge problem. He’s going to be so hurt if that continues to be the case. Matt Nagy has to go now. The opposition are able to see what is coming to the point where they say it in post-game interviews and that’s a major problem.

The Chicago Bears have a special talent at Justin Fields. We also don’t know how Mitchell Trubisky would have turned out if Matt Nagy hadn’t been there. If they keep it, Fields will become Mitch 2.0. People don’t want to hear this, but it’s the hard truth.

The dismissal of Matt Nagy won’t solve everything as Ryan Pace posted a very flawed list. However, the most important thing at this point has to be to develop Justin Fields. If the opponent knows exactly how to stop him because the play call is so bad, he will never develop and eventually get injured. Something has to change right now.


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