Mercer post-game quotes – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Athletics

2021-22 Chattanooga Mocs Men’s Basketball
Game 24 – vs. Mercer – February 5 – McKenzie Arena
after game Quote

The head coach Lamont Paris:

Opening statement:
“The guys competed at a really high level in the second half. Defensively to be able to hold them at 68 in the game…there are a few things we didn’t handle well but I was happy with the way we played defensively in the second half Overall a great effort was put in by our guys and I mean that in the truest sense of the word The effort was really high and it was fun to watch Josh Ayeni have a really good game. Now we’re moving on to the next one, back to back with Mercer.”

What was the half-time message to the team.
“Offensively we talked about making strong moves while we were attacking. Defensively the message was, ‘Our body of work and our DNA is that we are a PPG team under 60. If that’s what we are, then that’s what we do. do a better job defensively. You have to play defense with urgency. That was the half-time message and I was happy with the performance in the second half.

At Josh Ayeni performance.
“This guy. After the game he was like, ‘See, I want to win, man. He”s a competitive guy. It was fun to watch him thrive on the attacking side of the ball instead of normally his main role is defending and rebounding. In the last game we played a game for Josh to make a jump, I normally, but that’s his business. He did that and then he left for the races today. That’s my real pleasure… seeing a guy flourish like that.

Patience in the second half.
“We talk a lot about a gas pedal and a break. You have to know when to do what on both sides of the floor. We have the ability to hit the gas when the situation is right or a guy is over there cooking.” We must also know the time and the circumstances. It’s amazing how much information these guys process on like 70 possessions a game. The ability to handle both is extremely important in the game of basketball and they did a great job. of that today.”

In four of the last six home games.
“It’s really important. As you’re on this bender from all these games on the road, you keep thinking when this group of home games is coming. Everything from being in your own bed the night before, to your own routine to play at home… all of that is really important and a big plus. [at Mercer – Monday night] going to be difficult in Macon.”

Grant Ledford – So., G/F

Difference in the two halves.
“We knew we had to focus on defense and make some big saves. Personally, I stayed aggressive and confident in my shooting.”

On the aggressiveness of the team in the second half.
“I think we were a lot more active on the setting screens and in the post. We were just trying to make winning plays and open up to each other.”

Malachi Smith – So G.

On the mentality of the team coming out in the second half.
“Coming out with a chip on our shoulder in the second half. We know we have to win and get some saves. We get the best shot out of every team. Everybody wants to beat us.”

At Josh Ayeni play today.
“It’s not shocking to me. He does it all the time in training. Today he was on a different level. 8 for 10, we’ll take that every day. He’s a confident player. “

On the importance of the crowd.
“It helps a lot. What they are doing helps. It prevents other teams from playing properly. It’s fun to see.”

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