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Agent Carter is, so far, not an official part of the MCU’s continuity, although that may certainly change with the expansion of the multiverse throughout the franchise. What is certain is that the series remains a tremendous source of entertainment for the many Peggy Carter fans. It’s also the source of some of the best quotes in all of its live-action history so far.

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Agent Carter showcases the strength, ingenuity and humanity of Peggy Carter. Many of his best quotes reflect these qualities as well. As she navigates a world without Steve Rogers, but still full of men who doubt her and women like Dottie Underwood who want to kill her, Peggy delivers some of her best lines.


When she drops a big clue

“Honey, you have no idea.

The first episode of the series establishes Peggy Carter’s new status quo and provides for one of her best lines. As she leaves for her new job, her roommate, Colleen, tells her not to stress because she works at the phone company: “It’s not life or death.” Peggy responds with this quote.

The quote shows Peggy’s wit and charm as fans see Peggy walk into what appears to be a telephone company, but is actually a blind duck hiding the New York headquarters of fledgling SHIELD, where Peggy is. currently affected.

When she casts shade on Stark

“As far as I know, you stole your inventions.

Peggy Carter has a controversial relationship with Howard Stark, the inventor of Captain America’s shield and in the multiverse of What if..?, the HYDRA Stomper armor. A beautiful line that shows his refusal to back down against anyone occurs when Tony Stark’s father is accused of being a traitor. Peggy supports him, but his behavior and secrecy leads him to state that she doesn’t actually know if he’s responsible for his own inventions.

His quote is a scathing and sustained rebuke from selfish Stark, and includes an unflattering comparison to Steve Rogers: “Steve Rogers devoted his mind, body, life to RSS and this country, not your bank account. . “

When she rejects her code name

“Never speak again.”

One of the best characters in What if..? is Captain Carter, and she is joined in the pilot episode by the Howlin ‘Commandos. In Agent Carter, they are the origin of a classic line of Peggy that shows her spirit and her inherent tendency to take charge. When Dum Dum Dugan and Peggy reunite after the war, she tells him to “Never speak again”.

It comes after Dum Dum tries to give her a code name: Miss Union Jack. Peggy categorically rejects this, which may explain why she doesn’t go by Captain Britain in What if..?, although its comic book counterpart from Earth-101 does.

When she defends herself

“Because unless I have your reports, your coffee, or your lunch, I’m invisible.”

Chief Dooley in Agent Carter

Peggy is one of the strongest women in the entire franchise. Her courage and determination are constantly on display, especially in this remarkable quote from episode seven of the series. She confronts Chef Dooley after he berates her for taking the initiative in pointing out that all-male staff expect her to only bring them coffee and complete reports.

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She explains her actions by producing positive results in the organization’s investigation by saying, “I conducted my own investigation because no one is listening to me. I got away with it because no one is looking at me. or your lunch, I’m invisible. “

When she shows bravery

“However, I am not afraid of you.

Dottie Underwood is one of the most underrated characters in the MCU. Peggy Carter’s equal in almost every way, the assassin and spy almost brought down Peggy in their first encounters. When the two face off in the season two premiere episode, Peggy reveals her fearlessness in the face of danger by simply saying that she’s not afraid of Dottie.

Peggy respects Dottie’s abilities, power, and ambition. “You have a chip to trade: fear,” she says, “and fear is the only tool that little girls who grow up cuffed to their beds learn. However, I am not afraid of you. “

When she tells Howard he needs to move on

“Steve is gone.”

Chris Evans Captain America Avengers Endgame Agent Carter

Some fans believe Peggy Carter is better with Daniel Sousa than Steve Rogers, and to a large extent her arc in the series is about ditching Captain America. In episode eight of the series, a quote from a difficult conversation with Howard Stark shows how difficult it is for her.

Peggy finally let herself go a little bit – clearly she never completely did – saying “Howard… I know you loved him. I loved him too. But that won’t bring him back. Steve is gone.” We have to move on – all of us. As impossible as it may seem, we have to let it go. “

When she was funny and impulsive

“I have a terrible idea!

Dottie Underwood Agent Carter

Dottie Underwood takes into account another great quote from Peggy Carter that reveals how funny and impulsive she is. Although Peggy, for the most part, looks great together, she reacts on the fly most of the time. “I have a terrible idea! is the perfect encapsulation of that, when she turns to Dottie for help in taking down Whitney Frost.

With Peggy injured, they need Dottie – a great replacement for Peggy in pretty much every way – to help infiltrate a party and get their hands on a Zero Matter sample before it’s too late.

When she fidgets

“I could do with a hobby.”

Peggy’s tendency to get into trouble is a hallmark of the series. A great quote from season two reflects his relentlessness when it comes to stopping the bad guys. When a coworker asks her if she plans to hit all of LA, she replies “Maybe. I could do with a hobby.”

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Although she often faces overwhelming odds, with her HYDRA, Roxxon, or Whitney Frost, Agent Carter always jumps into action regardless of her own well-being.

When she gets her slogan

“Do as Peggy says.”

neal mcdonough agent carter dum dum

One of the absolute best quotes in the series is a showcase of the respect and loyalty that Peggy Carter inspires in others. Although she berates Dum Dum Dugan a bit for his choice of nickname, he also coined the phrase “Do what Peggy says”. This would become a refrain in the series and also in his appearances in the What if..? animated series.

Peggy’s leadership has been instrumental in the MCU and the Greater Multiverse. This will likely continue, as Captain Carter will return in season two of What if..? and maybe even beyond, as she’s one of the characters most likely to appear in the MCU proper.

When she demands to be taken seriously

“I know my worth.”

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter

Maybe the best quote from Peggy in the series and maybe the MCU is “I know my worth.” Her validation of her self-worth and refusal to be sidelined by the limited state of mind of her peers at the time defines who she is in many ways. Despite her closeness to events and her obvious contributions to great battles, she is continually dismissed by the men of her time.

But Peggy doesn’t have it, and in episode eight, it’s clear to anyone who wants to know, “I don’t need a Congressional honor. I don’t need the approval of Agent Thompson or the President. I know my worth. Someone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter. “

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