Match Monica Geller Quotes to the Season

“Welcome to the real world, it sucks. You’re gonna love it.”

The iconic quote relating to all adults that comes from the stunning Monica Geller, one of the main characters of the monumental sitcom, Friends. The whole story of the series is pretty much described by this quote. Disappointing dates, job interviews, big friendship setbacks, divorces, big shampoo blowouts, and of course, all the jokes that go along with it.

The quote describes Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joy and Phoebe’s secret. They laughed at their failures and always tried to start over. Although Joey is considered “pretty wise”, Monica Geller also shone with her intelligence when the furniture shone in her apartment.

She gave Rachel a lot of advice, which was mostly ignored. She was always there for her friends and provided tremendous emotional support and comfort that only a HOSTESS can give. Well sometimes the little Harmonica spoke the harsh truth seasoned with sarcasm or just made up endless rules.

Let’s see if you remember what the Queen of the Order has said over the ten spectacular seasons of Friends.

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