Luke Skywalker’s 10 Best Quotes (Outside Of The Movies)

Luke Skywalker is a character who star wars fans have idolized him for over 40 years, seeing him as a beacon of hope and light and holding him close to their hearts. He has brought a lot of happiness to the public over the years with his actions, his role in the star wars saga, and some awesome quotes. However, not all of his best quotes come from his time in the Skywalker saga.

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With star wars being such an expansive franchise that spans far beyond movies, Luke has appeared in video games, TV shows, books, and comics, with amazing quotes in all of them.


Talk to Grogu about Yoda

“I want to tell you about someone you remind me a lot of. His name was Yoda. He was small like you, but his heart was huge and the strength was strong in him.”

Grogu on Luke

Luke’s appearance in Boba Fett’s Book ironically made for one of the best episodes of The Mandalorian and of star wars TV again and was full of great Luke Skywalker quotes throughout, including this one when he talks to Grogu about Yoda.

Fans have only encountered three of this mysterious yet powerful species; Grogu, Yoda and Yaddle. Yoda held a special place in Luke’s heart, and hearing him talk about his former Jedi master is heartwarming, especially as he tells Grogu how he reminds Luke of him.

Pass on what he had learned from Yoda

“You are trying too hard. Don’t try. Do.”

Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Grogu in The Book of Boba Fett

Luke spends all his time Boba Fett’s Book to train Grogu, his first student as a Jedi master, and he teaches him a few lessons similar to what Yoda taught him, including this paraphrase of one of Star Wars’ most iconic quotes.

The audience can’t help but smile when they hear Luke say that. The training sequences The Empire Strikes Back are among the best star wars ever, with some of his best quotes. Luke taking what he learned during those times and passing it on to Grogu is a joy to watch.

Take Grogu for training

“He wants your permission. He’s strong with strength, but talent without training is nothing. I’ll give my life to protect the child, but he won’t be safe until he masters his abilities. “

Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian

One of the most epic moments of star wars the story came in the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian when Luke Skywalker returned to take Grogu to training. This quote is a summary of that moment.

It made fans cry. Not just Luke’s return, but Grogu and Din’s heartbreaking separation from each other. This quote is so believable from Luke because fans know he would do anything to prevent Grogu from being harmed if he was in his care. A wonderful time.

Fight the Grand Inquisitor

“There are things worth fighting for. Things worth even dying for. The Jedi knew that. They understood that loss is in the service of the greater good. understand it too.”

Luke fighting and defeating the Grand Inquisitor with his yellow saber in Star Wars

In his early years of wielding a lightsaber and journeying to become a Jedi, Luke had many flaws and a lot going for him. This maturity is amazing to watch unfold, and this quote is one of many that showcase this growing maturity.

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In a battle with a deceased Grand Inquisitor, Luke exclaims this quote, seemingly taking peace and strength from the knowledge that to fight and even die for the greater good, for the greater good. These are lessons and qualities that Luke would take with him throughout the original trilogy, including saving his father and defeating the Empire.

Offer a way out

“No. A choice to be better.”

Luke Skywalker speaks with Del Meeko in Battlefront 2

Arguably the best aspect of the Battlefront II campaign is its treatment of Luke Skywalker. In a story that takes place right after Return of the Jediit’s exactly how fans expected Luke to be.

Here, Del remarks that his choices are with the Empire or the Rebellion, while Luke simply presents him with an option to be better. A simple and powerful lesson that can be carried through life by all who hear it.

Continue teaching Grogu the Force

“The wild world exists in balance. Feel the force around you. Through the force you will also find balance.”

Luke Skywalker walking with Grogu in the bamboo forest in The Book of Boba Fett

At the time he taught Grogu, Luke Skywalker may not have been an all-powerful Jedi Master in his own right, but he’s still one of the best Jedi in the world. star wars and had a lot of wisdom to impart, including that which comes from Yoda’s teachings.

It’s always great to hear a wise Jedi talk about the Force. Whether it’s Yoda, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, or Luke, there’s a wisdom and reassurance that comes from their portrayal of mystical energy that’s just fantastic to listen to.

Knowing that the hardship is worth it

“Nothing is going to be easy, which is good, because nothing worthwhile comes easy.”

Luke Skywalker and Dr. Aphra in Star Wars The Howling Citadel

Throughout the comics, Luke has many great moments and quotes. Many of these lines are indicative of her growth and also show her simple yet consistent ability to be inspirational with her words and actions.

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This line is a simple lesson that has been echoed around the world by millions, both fictional and non-fictional. Coming from someone like Luke Skywalker, however, means it carries a lot of weight, especially since what he’s referring to here is his journey to becoming a Jedi.

Teach his students

“Some people start with their door a little wider open, but any door can open wide.”

Luke teaches his students in the Rise of Kylo Ren comic

Fans have yet to see much of Luke training his Jedi academy students. Audiences obviously got to see him coaching Grogu briefly, but other than that most fans have been in on the The Rise of Kylo Ren comic race.

Even though he’s not seen teaching for very long periods of time, he fits in with some typically great quotes from Luke, including this one, which points out that natural ability is nothing without hard work and training. Raw proficiency with the Force is great, but anyone has the potential to be amazing, to have the Force flowing through them.

Simple but powerful words for Grogu

“Stand up. Always get up.”

Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Grogu in The Book of Boba Fett

Some lessons passed down through generations of pop culture mentors and wise teachers are timeless, and this one given to Grogu by Luke is a case in point.

It’s a quote easier said than done, but one that Luke so vehemently believes in, especially at this point in his life. It unquestionably gets through to the audience and to Grogu – even if it doesn’t pursue those lessons in the future. Getting up and moving forward is one of the many possible traits of a great hero like Luke.

A typical Luke Skywalker quote

“Because you asked.”

luke compass star wars battlefront 2

Over the years, there have been many largely unfair complaints about the characters not being the characters some fans grew up with; one of the most reviled in this sense is Luke. In Battlefront IIhowever, everyone can agree that Luke is so brilliantly, typically Luke.

This simple response to Del asking why Luke is helping him illustrates why so many people adore the character, why generations grew up idolizing and being inspired by the young Skywalker. Like an Ahsoka Tano or a Leia or some other great heroes of the saga, he helps those who need it, who ask for it, no matter who they are.

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