Liverpool vs Chelsea reaction LIVE! Analysis, quotes after the Anfield draw



Welcome to Liverpool’s live reaction against Chelsea, where we will have management reaction, player quotes, analysis and more after Chelsea’s 10 men held their ground in a 1-1 draw with the Reds of the time.

Thomas Tuchel’s reaction and Jurgen Klopp’s reaction will be below as soon as we get it, and Nicholas Mendola has some idea of ​​why Chelsea’s red card ahead of this year’s half-time against Liverpool is unfolded differently for the Blues.

We also have JPW’s reaction, player ratings, and the 3 things we learned from Andy Edwards (links below)

Chelsea hold on with cup confidence, Tuchel, Mendy

We’ve seen it before: Chelsea are playing well enough to lead Liverpool before a pre-half-time red card turns the game around.

But the Blues regrouped this time around and took matters into their own hands in a 1-1 draw with Liverpool at Liverpool, a game that could have been 2-1 against the visitors on another day.

Last season Andreas Christensen was sent off and Sadio Mane with two goals in front of Kepa Arrizabalaga after the break in a direct triumph of Jurgen Klopp’s 11 Reds over Frank Lampard’s 10 Blues.

Is it as easy as a new manager, a star keeper and a European Cup for the pride of Stamford Bridge?

Eduoard Mendy stood between the sticks once Chelsea fell to 10 men even though he couldn’t stop Mohamed Salah’s penalty, and Thomas Tuchel’s men remained hungry for goals.

The Blues, of course, had to close the hatches to some extent on the road against a very good attack from Liverpool, but decidedly they didn’t sink into a safe shell with no intention of a counterattack.

Mendy made six saves but it was more than that as the Chelsea men made 17 tackles, 15 interceptions and 18 clearances in the second half alone.

Of course, maybe some of Anfield’s impenetrable shine is gone after last season’s injury-filled season, but Tuchel and the experience of winning the UEFA Champions League has brought so much confidence to Chelsea.

Liverpool were more dangerous in the first half it should have been noted but Anfield are still Anfield even though the Reds now have, you know, Actually lost there a few times.

Chelsea’s perspective does more than just keep them on top of the Premier League, a division that will have at most one team 3-0 before the international break.

-Nick Mendola

Live feedback:

News as it comes from Anfield …

Former PL referee Dermot Gallagher explains why Reece James saw a red card and a penalty awarded.

“There’s no doubt it’s touching her thigh, but you see he’s moving his right arm towards her. Anthony Taylor is surrounded by players, he doesn’t see it, and VAR does it brilliantly. The ball would have gone into the net. I’m sorry for him, but unfortunately he has to go.

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta on TV

It’s always worth remembering that this guy was underestimated by so many gamers.

Cesar Azpilicueta is one of the best players in Premier League history. Too bad a manager didn’t use it, huh?

Here’s what Azpilicueta said after the win, in his 300th Premier League appearance.

“We fought together.”

” It was hard. I’m sorry about Reece. The referee received advice from VAR to give it. He went to the screen, to the monitor to watch a replay. It was enough to have it. We had the double penalty, the red card and a penalty – and two yellow cards in the same action. We were angry.

“But you have to calm down and find a way to fight together as a team, to take on this new challenge in a difficult place like Anfield, a full stadium. I think the team fought and maybe we had the two best chances in the second half.

“We weren’t at our best. We lack sharpness in our passes in the last third. The Liverpool press are making things difficult but we have found our rhythm. We were better in the first half but we had to adapt and be more offensive of course.

“I am really proud to play my 300th Premier League game. The toughest league in the world. I spent my birthday here, but I hope to be able to spend tomorrow with my family.

Reaction of Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel on television

“With sheer will, we took the heat out of the game,” Tuchel said. “It was team effort at its best. They never lost shape, they tried to close the half spaces, we decided to stay in back five and stay active in back five because of all the half space runs and fluid positions from the top Liverpool full-backs it was clear we were going to suffer.

“The red card spoils the game, I have no solution for that because it may be a red card because it denies a chance but it is also a deviation. The red card, I don’t even know if it’s the rules or not the rules. You have to accept the decision. Maybe he would have changed his mind with some moving pictures.

“We decided to stay in a back five. We wanted to stay active and make it difficult to create opportunities. The first 10 minutes seemed endless. For the last five minutes, I was praying that we would get what we deserved. It was tough and difficult, but a very solid second half defensively. (via BBC)

Carragher and Lineker disagree on the best use of TAA

Many, this poster included, believe that Trent Alexander-Arnold is a natural midfielder and that Liverpool might be better suited with him further ahead to go with a traditional full-back.

Gary Lineker wants it, citing German stars Philipp Lahm and Joshua Kimmich, but ex-Liverpool man Jamie Carragher has Jurgen Klopp’s back.

Klopp says the red card made life difficult for … Liverpool?

You really never know what’s going to come out of Jurgen Klopp’s mind.

While you can understand what the Liverpool boss means when he said the pre-half-time red card to Reece James made life difficult for the Reds attacking, well…

Come on man!

He’s right that there were fewer counterattacks from Chelsea, but that wasn’t all of Tuchel’s tactical philosophy in the first half, was it?

The red card helped. Eduoard Mendy did not!

Harvey Elliott of Liverpool on team mood, one point, Anfield

“Disappointed not to leave with the three points. Personally I think I could have broken them down a bit better, made the odds count, but that’s a point on the board and we’re focusing on Leeds now. It is something that we can reflect on and learn from.

“It’s hard to explain to be honest. Chelsea are a high level team, very organized and difficult to break. Today was not our day to break them. We had few chances, half chances that maybe another day would have fallen in love with us.

“I did well, I thought I could have done better. I can reflect on this with my family and the Liverpool analysis team. It was an incredible crowd. You just want to focus on the game. When you score or the ball goes out of play, with the family in the crowd too, you just think, ‘Wow’.

Harvey Elliott (Photo by John Powell / Liverpool FC via Getty Images)


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