‘LeBron James quotes Barack Obama as gun control advocate after Texas mass shooting’: Lakers superstar seeks to use his platform to lead change

LeBron James has a huge following on Twitter. A tweet from him can be very influential. Especially when it comes to gun laws.

The social justice barometer continues to climb for LeBron James. The Lakers superstar uses his Twitter to advocate for social change and this time he’s in the right corner.

Just days ago there was another school shooting in Texas and apparently people are fed up. The slaughter of innocent children is something that should be condemned everywhere.

Yet in the United States, guns are considered a right. There is no sovereign state on the planet that advocates harboring weapons as much as the United States and that may be where the problem lies.

LeBron James is the father of three young children. Her youngest daughter is seven years old. She just started school and it’s only fair for a parent to be concerned. And a powerful parent that he is.

The most popular player in the NBA, LeBron’s actions are echoed and repeated throughout the league and fraternity. Every time he says something, it gets attention.

As a parent, when he talks about gun control, it’s justified.

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LeBron James quotes Barack Obama saying that people who really love the country can change it!

James thinks it’s time to change, to act. Not just words, but time to get to work. Judging by the looks of his quoted tweet, he thinks boycotting the school system until they change the laws is the way to go.

We think he might be right on this one. How long will people be on the sidelines? Will there be blame for the right to arms?

We hope. It’s time for real change. How long will innocent children pay the price for an archaic law that has no place in today’s society?

As LeBron quoted, “In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it!” and it’s time to change.

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