Lady Gaga and Adam Driver’s best friendship photos and quotes


If you had told me just five years ago that in 2021 Lady Gaga and Adam Driver would be Hollywood’s hottest new friendship duo, I would wonder how the hell the universe managed to hack my dream journal. The talented stars have operated in decidedly different circles until they joined forces to Gucci House, in which they portray the fashionable couple Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci. The actors not only have chemistry when they take on the roles of husband and wife, it’s clear their bond has remained intact long after the cameras stopped rolling.

While promoting their film, which is slated to debut on Thanksgiving Day, Lady Gaga and Adam have exposed their unexpected friendship on numerous occasions. During interviews, they always gush out of their mutual respect and admiration for each other, with Gaga recounting recently Additional, “[Adam is] an amazing actor, he’s so smart, he’s so funny, and we’ve built a great friendship. brother. “Oh, and let’s not forget when they banged their fists after Graham Norton complimented them on their scorching hot Gucci House sex scene!

In order to make Lady Gaga and Adam’s “beautiful friendship” better known, I am starting together a virtual photo album of their press tour photos. Check out all of the best shots we’ve had so far, and be sure to come back here for more updates on their link to Gucci House‘s first.


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