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Kerry Washington isn’t just an actor; she is an activist. “Going green for #Earth Day! 💚 Buy sustainable jewelry and help save the 🌱🌎!!! Today and tomorrow only, @auratenewyork donates 1% of proceeds to Rainforest Alliance to help protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities,” she captioned her swimsuit yesterday. Do it! Kerry Washington stays fit and the photos prove they work — and to get beach-ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

“I’ve really tried to practice the Oprah Winfrey ritual: I check in with gratitude and grace when I wake up. I can be a bit overwhelmed and panicky if I don’t start to tune in to grace and gratitude,” she said Charm. “Other ways I reaching out to others to express gratitude means opening doors for others, giving compliments, saying “good morning” or “have a nice day”, giving a warm hug, paying for a stranger’s meal or coffee, donate to charity or send cards to loved ones for no particular reason. Other ways to connect to inner awareness are surrounding myself with inspirational quotes, regular meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, and journaling about how I want to feel and what I want do to achieve those feelings,” Dana Stewart is a licensed clinical behavioral health social worker in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, writes at the Mayo Clinic.

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Washington has a good tip if you have kids. “A lot of research we’ve seen shows that it’s important to put sunscreen on your kids, but one of the most important things we can do as parents and mothers is to apply sunscreen to ourselves. solar,” she says. “It’s the act that makes kids the sun protectors of themselves. They’re much less resistant to sunscreen when they see us putting it on first, and more likely to do it all their lives. ”

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Washington shared a video of herself doing Child’s Pose, Happy Baby, Cat Cow and other yoga poses. “Child’s pose helps stretch your back and the muscles around your hips. In this pose, kneel down and sit on your knees. Bend forward, keeping your buttocks on your heels and pose your forehead on the floor. Move your arms so that they’re beside your legs, palms up. Inhale and exhale, slowly and deeply, for at least eight breaths,” explains the Mayo Clinic.

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“Massage is generally considered part of complementary and integrative medicine. It is increasingly being offered as standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations,” reports the Mayo Clinic. “Studies on the benefits of massage show that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.”

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“I’ve never met anyone who’s done Pilates and doesn’t understand their own body better afterwards,” she said. women’s health. “As women, we live in this culture where it’s like, ‘You have to fix this.’ Pilates has allowed me to focus on my appearance and health in a way that is neither abusive nor judgmental.”

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Washington admires “Jane Fonda, Cicely Tyson and Diahann Carroll – these women are my beacons. Because their light shone ahead, I knew where to go. They continued to show themselves for their art and their values ​​and that gave me the feel like I could bring everything to my work,” she told Glamour. “If society tells us to look the other way and you, as a disenfranchised community person, say, ‘My story matters’, that’s an act of activism.”

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