Kentucky-Notre Dame Post-Game Quotes – University of Kentucky Athletics


DEC. 11, 2021


The Head Coach Jean Calipari

About tornadoes in western Kentucky …

“I know it made the headlines, but the Commonwealth has truly suffered an incredible blow that will take decades to repair. These tornadoes have come through, and the deaths, destruction – you see the pictures. Our team, we were in the know We were following him. We went to the Grotto this morning before we turned around. I talked about it after the game. I said, “We play basketball. It’s someone who loses their mother or works in the warehouse and all of a sudden it happens. ‘ So now all of a sudden it’s like all the practical deck. I think Tuesday we’re going to do a telethon and my team really commits to it. If it wasn’t that far we would probably go for a spin, but it’s probably a bit far for them at this point with the finals they have going on. But, prayers, thoughts. People have lost homes. For example, you walk in and your house is gone. People were inside houses crammed into a bathroom or the basement or the corner of the house and the house collapsed and they just got a chance to live. Some did not, of course, but others did.

Ongoing 2 for 19 from 3…

“Hopefully it’s a fluke. We lost the game because in the last eight minutes I kept telling them, defensive discipline, you will win the game. Defensive discipline. And Sahvir layup ( Wheeler), TyTy layup (Washington Jr.), Keion (Brooks Jr.) layup on a backdoor. Just turn your head and the guy shoots a layup. We’ve got a switch in a pick-and-roll and we weren’t supposed to change and they get a wide- open 3 when you’re the guy. That’s nine points in the last five minutes were, here take them. And so when you shoot 2 for 19 you can’t afford to do that too. And that’s what happened. There was a stretch that we were trying to go to throw that ball in and we just didn’t. . Like, we had taken hits. I have to watch the tape. Davion (Mintz) said the shot clock was lower. I thought I saw u n six up there. He said he was lower, but I’ll see him on the tape. This shot could have been swung and posted and tried to get a basket or drive it. Our guard play was not good today there. It just wasn’t. And you think you shoot. I know we only had five turnovers. It gives me the impression that we weren’t aggressive enough. The last game in the game is mine. I’m still learning on this team. Normally, that’s what I do: go get a basket. Maybe not with this team. Halfway through, I messed up a bit. I told them at halftime. I took out Oscar (Tshiebwe). I was going to use a time out and I didn’t. Thank goodness they missed their last shot. But it cost us two points, and when you’re in a close game like this, those kinds of hoops and games are important. But I’m still learning about these guys. Sahvir, we have to find out now, if this is how it is played, what is our response? And we were doing stuff that I think will work for him, but part of it is that you’re responsible for yourself. And so, we will find out. I also think the teams will overtake the squad and the 3 will be wide open, but they were pretty wide open today too. I mean, it’s tough to win a 2v19 game. But here’s what I’ll say: most of this game we fought. The two plays Davion did by Kellan (Grady) to make one for us were amazing. But, this discipline you must have. Here’s what I think happened: I think they played so as not to lose. So now you are frozen. You hope they miss rather than miss them because you are playing to win. And I told them, you see a scrum on the pitch, the celebration, I told them it’s every time we lose. Last year we were 6-100, and if we were beaten there was a scrum on the pitch. This is what it is here. You have to play to win. You cannot play to lose, because if you play to not lose, you lose. “

# 34 Oscar Tshiebwe, Junior, Before
On if he thought he had made a mistake at the end …

“I did it, I did it. I grabbed it. He passed it, but I did it.”

On what they learned from this match …

“This one was good for us. One thing we have to do is everyone has to be engaged. Like Coach said, you can’t just let someone just drive easy and cut their teeth. back. It really killed us. It’s something that we’re going to work on. Everyone has to be engaged. It’s not going to get any easier. It’s going to get harder and harder. Obviously we’re going to get back to home and we’re going to talk. I think we’re going to learn from that and we’re going to keep improving with every game. “

On his effectiveness at the post today …

“We spend a lot of time in the gym working on it and you see the results. It’s something pre-workout that I have like 30, 40 minutes with Coach Orlando (Antigua) to get the hooks on. . Like the coach said, we have to after basketball. That’s why I train a lot, I focus a lot on getting those buckets. “

# 12 Keion Brooks Jr., Junior, Before

On what they think they can learn as a team from this match …

“We just have to learn to stay disciplined all the way down the home stretch. We had a few mental failures. Like Coach said, a lot of the game, the majority of the game, we really fought, but when it’s a very close game, these three little cuts in the back, these mental deficiencies that we had, it cost us in the end. And also we have to learn, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it not. Oscar was out there killing him. There were times we got a chance to post it. Even I drove there when I could have just thrown the ball at him and he would have scored like he did all night. So I think those two things: stay disciplined and just go to whoever did it. Those are the two main takeaways that I feel like we can eliminate. “

We if he has the impression that it’s still a good shooting team …

“Yeah, absolutely, because we’re at the gym in the morning, late at night and I see guys taking shots every day. I’d be worried if I didn’t see our shooters not shooting and they came out in the game and missing, but I see them constantly in the gym. Sometimes teams go through meltdowns. Shooters go through meltdowns. But the guys we have work really really hard at what they do, so eventually the tide is going to turn in. the other way around and we’ll do some snaps. “

On Sahvir not to be late on the pitch when he has been such a great leader …

“Sahvir, like you said, he’s a great leader, but we also have great faith in TyTy to lead the point. With the team that we have and how deep we are sometimes it is game by game. Just tonight, down the home stretch, we went with TyTy to make some decisions. Sometimes the ball doesn’t bounce your way. Whether it’s TyTy, Sahvir or even if we had Davion , we trust them the most. We really believe in what they can do. “

About tornadoes in western Kentucky …

“Thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by the tornadoes. I woke up and it was a little shocking to see this, just to see the destruction that has taken place there and how it can really decimate families and what they have built themselves and their children for. I wish we could do more to help them because it is devastating what happened to them. The best thing we can do for them is to pray and to be there for them and to let them know that you are not alone and that you have there are people who care for them and want to help them. Just thoughts and prayers with them. I hope we can all come together and do good to help rebuild this community. “


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